Two years after creating a minor in Neuroscience, Butler University has graduated its first cohort of students in that minor.

Neuroscience minorThe 10 graduates who completed the Neuroscience minor are:

Laura Beer (Psychology)
Katie Cahill (Psychology)
Elizabeth Davis (Psychology)
Joey Hebert (Biology and Chemistry)
Jake Huyette (Anthropology, Psychology, and Spanish)
Dan Lester (Biology)
Sarah McRoberts (Psychology)
Renee Mommaerts (Psychology)
Mara Olson (Biology)
Zach Walter (Mathematical Sciences and Psychology)

The students are continuing onto medical school or are attending graduate programs in psychology, neuroscience, anthropology, or biology.

The first Neuroscience minor, Adam Davis, graduated in 2014.

“I am so proud of these students who worked very hard to complete an intense sequence of Psychology, Biology and Philosophy courses in a two-year period,” said Psychology Professor Tara Lineweaver, who is director of the Neuroscience minor. “I am also so pleased with the many post-graduate educational paths these students are following. We created the Neuroscience minor to help prepare students for their post-Butler futures, and these students are perfect examples of the many different doors a Neuroscience minor can open after graduation.”


Media contact:
Marc Allan