Butler Blue III

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Butler Blue III


from Fall 2019

There’s lots of focus on scholarship in this issue of Butler Magazine, and rightfully so. The importance of providing aspiring students with ample scholarship opportunities cannot be overstated. After all, affording others the opportunity to enjoy the Butler experience speaks directly to the altruistic culture that is The Butler Way.

So why am I so passionate about scholarships? Well, because I’m essentially on scholarship myself, thanks to the private gifts and support that make my existence as mascot a reality.

And like my fellow students who receive such backing, I’ve been able to leverage the opportunity to go on and do some really big things. Did you know that the Butler Blue Live Mascot Program has become a national benchmark for innovation and activation by other collegiate live mascots?

It’s true, and none of that would be possible without strong support. So, thank you for supporting me and our great students. You’re providing more than just scholarships, you’re making an investment in our students’ futures.