Built for Bulldogs

Rachel Stotts

from Fall 2016


Serina KashimotoSenior Serina Kashimoto grew up playing boys club soccer in Hiroshima, Japan. She believes this early exposure along with the influence of her father and grandmother—her father still plays indoor soccer at a high level and her grandmother won a national championship in her 50s—gave her a solid foundation in the sport that she loves. The Butler Women’s Soccer Team’s 2015 BIG EAST Championship—the first for any Butler sport since joining the conference—is the icing on the cake for Kashimoto, who had always dreamed of playing in the United States.

Elise Edwards, Associate Professor of Anthropology at Butler, paved the way for Kashimoto to fulfill that dream. Edwards, an Assistant Coach for Butler Women’s Soccer, had done fieldwork on the culture of sport in Japan and knew Kashimoto’s high school soccer coach. Edwards asked Kashimoto about coming to the states to play. After an experience playing in the U-17 World Cup, Kashimoto knew it was time—she told Edwards she was ready. Kashimoto was used to winning before she came to the United States, having always competed on national championship teams in Japan. At Butler, it was different.

“We couldn’t win the conference until this year, so when we finally won, I was feeling great. I wished that moment could last forever.”

Kashimoto is also focused on preparing herself for life after soccer and recently completed an internship in Butler’s Sports Marketing Office. Majoring in Body, Mind, Media, and Sport, Kashimoto cites Edwards and Lisa Farley as her two favorite professors. “I’ve never gotten bored in [Farley’s] class. She is also like my American mom and always cheers me on during the games. After the games, she always gives me a hug and is making sure I don’t feel lonely since my family cannot come to my games.”

While the mid-fielder hopes to play soccer professionally when she graduates, another goal is to make the national team and play in the Tokyo Olympics. “I think that would be a great opportunity for me to pay back those who helped me to become who I am today—especially my family who made so many sacrifices for me to keep chasing my dream.”

  • 2015 First Team All-BIG EAST Selection
  • 2014 First Team All-BIG EAST Selection
  • Third Team All-Northeast Region Selection
  • 2013 Second Team All-BIG EAST Selection
  • Second Team All-Northeast Region Selection


David GoldsmithSenior David Goldsmith grew up with a dream common to English boys—to play professional soccer for his home country. When it appeared that dream might not come to fruition, he began looking at American schools where he could play soccer and complete his education. He chose Butler sight unseen. The senior forward had never even been to the United States. After talking to coaches from several Division I schools, he made his choice based on the relationship he forged with Butler Men’s Soccer Head Coach Paul Snape (also English) over the phone.

“That was kind of a scary moment—getting on the plane, not knowing where I was going and only having spoken to one person on the phone,” said Goldsmith. “But I’m so glad I picked Butler. I love everything about it and I have a really good relationship with the coaches and players.”

Tasks like getting a bank account and a social security number—things his teammates took for granted—felt overwhelming to Goldsmith. “The first couple weeks were crazy. Thankfully, Coach Snape helped me out a lot. He went through the same process 20 years earlier so he understood what I was going through and could relate to it. The team was also really supportive.”

Goldsmith is majoring in Human Movement and Health Sciences. Professor Lisa Farley helped guide him academically and remains his advisor. “She was another main reason I chose Butler,” Goldsmith said. “She answered my questions and put my parents’ minds to rest.”

The soccer star’s immediate future hinges largely on how he performs in the fall, but he has a plan no matter what the outcome. “I just love sports and no matter what, I want to work in sports. If playing professionally doesn’t work out, or after that, I will try to work for a professional soccer team or in strength and conditioning or psychology—I just like the world of sports—working together to try to win.”

  • 2015 Second Team All-BIG EAST
  • 2015 CoSIDA Academic All-District Men’s Soccer Team
  • 2014 Second Team All-BIG EAST
  • 2014 CoSIDA Academic All-District V
  • 2013-14 BIG EAST All-Academic Team
  • 2013 Second Team All-BIG EAST
  • 2013 BIG EAST Rookie of the Year
  • 2013 BIG EAST All-Rookie Team
  • 2013 BIG EAST All-Tournament
  • Butler Athletic Director’s Honor Roll

Butler Softball Team with Big East trophy


Q: How did you see this team grow and change through the season?

A: I saw growth in their focus and chemistry as a team. Teams that are not close will tend to fall apart at the end of the season because they are focused on things when softball is over. This team never lost sight of what they wanted to accomplish.

Q: What’s special about this particular group of women?

A: They found a way to win in many games and didn’t stop competing. Tough to beat a team or individual that refuses to quit!

Q: What were your feelings and observations about the team throughout the BIG EAST tournament?

A: I knew we had a shot at winning. I told the team all year long that if you get to the tournament, I would put them up against any team in the BIG EAST in a single game, winner takes all game. That is what happened. It was pure coaching joy to watch that group of young women celebrate on the field!

Q: What are you looking forward to for next season? What are your goals?

A: Goals have not changed. Do great in the classroom and compete on the field. Winning the BIG EAST title again is always what we will strive for. We return with a lot of experience and talent and what this group did this year will hopefully fuel their drive and work ethic in the off-season.