Velin Georgiev
Healthcare & Business major, Organizational Communication and Leadership minor
Northbrook, Illinois
Co-curricular activities and/or internships:
Business in Healthcare Club; Butler University Student Foundation; Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity; COPHS Student Ambassador; internships with CuraLinc Healthcare, Butler Health Sciences Department, and Eli Lilly

What were some of your favorite memories as a Butler student? 
Some of my favorite memories as a Butler student stem from my involvement in Fraternity Life philanthropy. Besides supporting my own fraternity, I have had so much fun participating in lip-syncs for sorority philanthropy weeks. These experiences have created friendships and have allowed me to connect with the broader community while supporting philanthropic initiatives.

What were the best parts about your major and/or your college? 
Despite applying to nearly a dozen colleges before I found Butler, I did not feel a genuine sense of excitement toward any of their programs. I was certain I didn’t want a career on the clinical side of healthcare, yet many of my other options seemed to funnel me into a healthcare administration path, which I didn’t feel confident in either. That all changed when I stumbled upon Butler’s Healthcare and Business major within the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (COPHS). My eyes lit up as I read through the program’s description and curriculum. 

As a student in the program, I have gotten the best of both worlds. The diverse coursework strikes the perfect balance between breadth and depth. The wide range of classes has allowed me to explore the healthcare industry comprehensively and understand how my interests and skills align with professional opportunities. As an upperclassman, advanced courses have deepened my knowledge. Some of my favorite courses in the major have been Anatomy and Physiology, Introduction to Risk Management, Healthcare Economics, and Healthcare Systems and Policy. At the same time, students can dive deeper into their interests through electives, concentrations, and minors. Upon graduation, you leave with unique, marketable skill sets that will benefit you in any healthcare career and beyond.

What professor and/or staff member played an important role during your time at Butler?
Dr. Susanna Scott has been an unwavering source of support for me since I enrolled in her Healthcare Communication course during my sophomore year, which was when I also started the process of creating the Business in Healthcare Club (BHC). In need of a faculty advisor for the organization, I approached Dr. Scott after class to pitch my vision. I was met with nothing but support, excitement, and motivation from Dr. Scott. At a time when BHC was an intangible idea and I was uncertain of its future, the support I received not only from Dr. Scott, but the rest of the Health Sciences Department and Butler community showed me that I was capable and able to turn my idea into reality. My newfound confidence during my undergraduate career has propelled me forward. It is empowering to be surrounded by faculty and staff like Dr. Scott who are here to cheer you on; it is part of The Butler Way. If you take the time to get to know your professors and those around you, the potential for lifelong connections is limitless.

What are your plans after graduation?
In July, I am joining Eli Lilly & Co. as a Pricing, Reimbursement, and Market Access (PRA) Associate. Before then, I have a few travel plans lined up since I love traveling. I am currently planning a road trip in California with a few friends where we will hopefully hike in Sequoia and Yosemite National Parks, drive down Pacific Coast Highway, and explore the Santa Barbara and LA area.

How did Butler prepare you for this next step? 
Butler has prepared me for the next step in a multitude of ways. First, the holistic education I have received has equipped me with varying perspectives of the healthcare industry and the world in which we exist. I have knowledge in the health sciences, business, and communication sectors. Paired with the core curriculum, I can see the entire puzzle while working with the pieces that make up the whole.

Next, my involvement in student organizations and Fraternity Life has been instrumental in my personal and professional growth, particularly in cultivating leadership skills. Prior to Butler, leadership wasn’t a focal point of my identity, but now it’s an integral part of who I am. From learning how to create and run an organization to coordinating campus alumni events and managing a new fraternity house, I am graduating with invaluable hands-on experiences. Butler has shown me the power of experiential learning.

Last but not least, Butler’s alumni community is incredibly strong. I am fortunate to have been an active member of the Butler University Student Foundation (BUSF) for the past four years, a student organization that works closely with the Office of Advancement to advance the University through philanthropic opportunities, all while fostering strong connections between students and alumni. BUSF’s mentorship program has provided me with alumni mentors who have offered wisdom and support as I navigate my undergraduate studies and prepare for professional endeavors.  

What are your long-term career goals? 
Although I am heading straight into the job market, I have given thought to pursuing a graduate degree in the future if the opportunity arises. My plan is to gain practical work experience first, so I can be intentional with my choice of a master’s program. I enjoy bringing ideas to life and collaborating with others, so I also see myself in a leadership role. Throughout my four years at Butler, I have discovered a deep sense of passion and purpose, and I am excited to discover what lies ahead as I start my career. 

What are you going to miss most about your time at Butler? 
I am going to miss the campus environment the most at Butler. You will never live so close to so many of your friends post-grad, so appreciate every moment and be present.

What advice would you give a first-year student? 
It is okay not to know what you want to do after graduation. Take incremental steps during your time at Butler to position yourself to take that next step. Be intentional with your undergraduate experience and take advantage of the opportunities and resources available to you. Find something you are passionate about, apply yourself, stay genuine to who you are, be patient, and things have a way of sorting themselves out.

Further, make the effort to stay on campus during the weekends if you can. College can be a learning curve, and friendships take time to build. You never know who you will randomly meet. For instance, I met some of my closest friends playing Spikeball outside Irvington on a Friday night. Other than Orientation week, an easy way to start meeting people is to start a conversation with the individuals you sit next to in class. Besides, having a familiar face or two in each course is helpful when you have questions about an assignment or need notes due to an absence.