Butler Magazine Fall 2022

President Danko in navy sweater and khaki slacks walking through fall leaves with black and white dog on leash

From the President

Each autumn, as I see the leaves on our campus change into beautiful shades of red, orange, and yellow, Robert Frost’s celebrated poem The Road Not Taken often comes to mind. Perhaps the imagery of the yellow wood or the fallen leaves is what ties the work to autumn for me, but more notably, the…

portrait of Khalilah Shabazz in gray blazer leaning on black railing

Mission Measured

Long before the initials DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) were part of the lexicon, Ovid Butler founded the University that bears his name with a goal to admit students “without distinction on account of sex, race, or color.” One hundred and sixty-seven years later, Dr. Khalilah Shabazz, Butler’s new Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer,…

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A Life Abroad

A decade ago, Laura Anderson ’15 gave little thought to life outside the United States, let alone how to launch a thriving career abroad. 

Professors Anne Wilson and Mike Samide in kitchen area with ingrediants

A Taste for Travel

When Anne Wilson and Mike Samide led a group of 31 Butler community members on a trip to Europe this past summer, it was about more than just tourism. By focusing on food—as well as the science, cultures, and history behind it—the Chemistry professors aimed to reconnect participants with the classroom experience.

Pharmacy Building arched entrance, limestone brick, wood door, canopy of green leaves above

New Places, New Skills

As an educator responsible for preparing future health providers, Kent VanTyle ’67 wanted to be sure Butler students were being adequately prepared to provide Spanish-speaking patients with the best care possible.

London's Big Ben tower, gold spires with clock reading 1:00, blue sky behind with thin white clouds

Leadership Abroad

In 2008–2009, Butler offered four faculty-led study abroad programs; this year 32 faculty-led programs are in the works. For those faculty who have a front-row seat to the experiences students are having abroad, the impact is more personal than rankings could ever demonstrate.

European buildings at dusk with lights on, sitting along river

Broad Horizons

Jill McKinney MS ’11, Butler’s Director of Global Engagement, shares how the study abroad program has grown in recent years and the significant impact on and benefits to students who study abroad as part of their undergraduate education. 

headshot of gary beaulieu in front of wooden wall

It’s All About Success

Gary Beaulieu, Director of CaPS, joined Butler from Indiana State University 19 years ago and has played a crucial role in helping students discover their passions and, subsequently, how those passions translate into internship and career opportunities. 

blonde woman in light blue dress standing on Brooklyn Bridge

Finding Authenticity

Maddie Silverstein ’13 has always enjoyed the opportunity to create her own path, but never would have guessed that her search for an extra internship would place her in the realm of search engine optimization (SEO), content strategy, brand storytelling, and, ultimately, the pursuit of stand-up comedy. 

Male physician in lab coat, Rush on the coat. stethoscope around neck. dark hair, beard and mustache

Navigating Unexpected Paths

Abbas Rizvi ’12 credits an internship experience for altering the trajectory of his career—placing him on a path completely different than the one he started on.

Brick building with the words Seven Corners on it

Intern as the Teacher

When Greg Jung MBA ’98 and his colleagues work with interns, they always aim to provide meaningful learning moments. Students don’t just check off tasks—they own initiatives, collaborate on projects, then give presentations about how the experience has influenced them. 

Lake at Holcomb Gardens with fountain and multi-colored fall trees

Capturing the Essence

As part of Butler’s preparation for a February 2023 visit from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), the University conducted a review of its mission statement.