Butler’s American Sign Language Club (ASL) engages students and the community by promoting appreciation for American Sign Language. In addition to improving ASL skills, the group offers events open to the public. Senior Kate Richards, a Communication Sciences and Disorders major, is president of ASL and shared her experience in both ASL and the CSD major. 

What are your career goals or post grad goals?

After getting my MA in Speech-Language Pathology, I would be happy working in any speech-language pathology (SLP) setting, but my dream is to be an SLP with children. I hope my future  career involves working with kids in a children’s hospital, outpatient clinic, or a hearing or a deaf school, especially if I could use my American Sign Language skills.

What is ASL?

American Sign Language (ASL) is a form of manual sign language used predominantly by people that are deaf and members of the deaf community of the United States.

How does ASL relate to the CSD major? How does the club relate to the butler or Indy community?

The CSD major centers around active and successful communication, and ASL is a true manifestation of that. ASL is a thriving language that is surrounded by a community and culture, especially here in Indianapolis. In Indy, there is a vibrant deaf community with the Indiana School for the Deaf nearby. This, along with other community events, allows the club and Butler students to partner with ISD to participate in events, volunteer, and get together with members of the deaf community

What inspired you to study CSD?

Ever since I was young, I knew I wanted to work in a service industry and with children. I have always been really interested in medicine and anatomy. For a long time, I thought I would study pre-med and become a pediatrician. Then I stumbled upon the SLP career and realized it was the perfect marriage of medical and communications. This is when I realized it was the perfect major and career path for me.


For more information on ASL, visit https://www.butler.edu/communication-disorders/student-resources