Imagine a young Brandon Gaudin, only seven years old, wide-eyed and filled with wonder at his first World Series game in Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium. There, watching the Atlanta Braves and the Minnesota Twins, the idea of him one day calling the plays would have seemed like a distant dream.

Yet, fast forward to 2023, and Brandon Gaudin ‘06 has just wrapped his debut season as the play-by-play announcer for the Atlanta Braves. This Evansville, Indiana native vividly recalls the spellbinding effect that game in Atlanta had on him. He immersed himself in the sport, drawing inspiration from legendary announcers like Skip Caray. He recalls nights glued to the TBS broadcasts, soaking in every minute of the game. Young Gaudin wasn’t just dreaming; he was setting the stage for his future.

In high school, Brandon didn’t waste any time. By his sophomore year, he was already gaining experience, calling his school’s baseball games. He quickly realized that mere commentary wasn’t enough; he wanted to weave stories, stats, and insights into the call–just like Skip. This commitment meant hours of research and meticulous preparation for each game.

When the time came to look at colleges, Gaudin sought a place where his talents could flourish. Unlike his siblings, who attended Indiana University and Purdue University, Brandon was drawn to the intimate, community-focused environment of Butler University. His visit to Butler, nestled at the corner of 46th and Sunset, confirmed he had found his home.

“Butler offered a personal setting in a city I loved. I saw an opportunity to delve deeper into broadcasting and be more than just a number,” Gaudin said. His time at Butler wasn’t just about growth but about transformation. “Not only did it help me grow as a person but also as a professional because of the experiences it provided.”

At Butler, opportunities abounded. From his first year, Gaudin was hands-on, assisting with baseball and women’s basketball broadcasts. His dedication led him to work alongside Chris Dineri, the seasoned voice of the Butler Bulldogs, covering significant games and gaining invaluable experience—including the Butler vs. Duke game during his first year. His drive didn’t stop there; internships with ESPN and the Texas Rangers followed.

Brandon’s time in the classroom was equally enriching. Although initially enrolled as a broadcast major, he also explored communications, political science, and business. Influential faculty like Dr. McAvoy Levy played a pivotal role in helping Gaudin expand his horizons and look outside his originally established course plan. He added a political science major, which he credits with refining his skills in writing and presentation.

Post-graduation, Gaudin’s first job brought him to the pressbox for the Orem Owlz, an Angels-affiliated Single-A team near Salt Lake City. It was a challenging start—long hours, bus rides, continuous games—but it cemented his love for sports broadcasting.

2011 marked a significant return to Butler for Gaudin. As the play-by-play commentator during Butler Basketball’s legendary Final Four runs, he recalls, “Calling the game against Florida, securing our Final Four spot for the second consecutive year, remains one of my most cherished moments.”

Brandon’s voice soon became synonymous with Georgia Tech’s football and basketball programs, and he even lent his talents to the Madden video games and national broadcasts. When Chip Caray, one of his idols, left the Braves, Gaudin saw a window to his childhood dream.

Securing his dream job wasn’t straightforward, especially with the Braves seeking a quick replacement for Caray. Gaudin approached the opportunity with determination, calling games in Florida during spring training and undergoing interviews with the Braves and Bally Sports. His efforts paid off when he received the call to become the play-by-play announcer for the team he had always loved.

His third game, opening day at the Braves’ stadium, was when it really hit him. “Stepping into the booth, overlooking the field where my journey began, it was pretty emotional,” Gaudin shared. ” I definitely had a moment where I was thinking about that first game as a Brave fan. I had gotten there early, and I had a moment in the booth just to reflect on how I got into the business and how appreciative I was of this opportunity.”

As Gaudin looks ahead, he acknowledges Butler’s instrumental role in his career. “I often tell aspiring broadcasters about the importance of preparation and doing your homework. But, I also share that what I learned throughout my time at Butler is that sometimes you can learn just as much outside the classroom—even just learning about yourself and challenging yourself to do things outside of your comfort zone.”

Today, the young boy who once dreamt in the stands of Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium would undoubtedly be very proud. Brandon Gaudin’s journey from a dream-filled child to a renowned sports announcer is a testament to the power of passion, dedication, and the courage to chase one’s dreams.