Linda Calvin ’01
Journalism major
Chief Impact Officer, Reboot Representation

How have you exemplified Black excellence, as defined by you, in your life post-grad?
After graduating from Butler, I was promoted to digital leadership positions at my former employer, Dow Chemical. Four years later, I began pursuing my law degree while continuing in my full-time role, graduating with my Juris Doctor in 2009. In 2019, I entered higher education and served as the Vice President of the School of IT at Ivy Tech Community College where I was able to evolve the curriculum to meet emerging trends and help students earn relevant tech jobs. While there, I started the Transcending Boundaries Scholarship for Black and Latino residents and current Ivy Tech students.

Last year, I took on my next and most impactful role yet: Chief Impact Officer at Reboot Representation. Our mission at Reboot is to double the number of Black, Latina, and Native American women graduating with computing degrees by 2025. As Chief Impact Officer, I work with companies in the Reboot Tech Coalition to create and sustain inclusive cultures to retain diverse talent.

What is your favorite memory of Butler?
One of my favorite memories at Butler was when Dr. Kwadwo Anokwa nominated me and presented me with the Nicholas Mac Cripe Award for Excellence in Public and Corporate Communications. Another great memory was learning I was to graduate cum laude on graduation day.

Where was your go-to decompression/safe space on campus?
I was a non-traditional student, working in a full-time global role at Dow Chemical. I would drive back and forth from the Dow offices to the Butler campus, sometimes multiple times per day. If I were on campus for an extended time, I would find a corner to hang out at the Atherton Student Union.

Name a favorite faculty/staff member who helped you on your journey.
Dr. Kwadwo Anokwa and Dr. Rose Campbell helped me on my journey. They were extremely supportive when I was overwhelmed and always available when I had questions or needed counsel. They made my experience at Butler memorable and positive. I will never forget their contributions to my academic and professional success.

What advice would you give students, recent graduates, or fellow graduates?
I encourage students to savor their time at Butler. This is your chance to earn an exceptional education that will open doors for you, taught by excellent faculty and curriculum. Take advantage, do your work, and stretch your mind.

How has your experience attending a PWI enabled you to operate effectively in other environments?
My experience attending a PWI allowed me to understand how to work on predominantly white teams. Butler taught me how to analyze and unpack problems differently, and that helped me excel in my career. I was respected at work by white colleagues for my education and how I interfaced with teams.