Tim Howard ’22
Criminology and Psychology major
Westfield, Indiana
Air Defense Artillery Officer, U.S. Army

Tim Howard was a part of the Army Reserve Officer Training Corp (ROTC) program at Butler University. As part of the ROTC program, Tim took elective coursework in leadership fundamentals, military skills and tactics, and completed summer training programs, preparing him for a career in the U.S. Army, the Army Reserves, or the Army National Guard. 

Why did you choose to attend Butler University and participate in the ROTC program?  
I chose Butler because of the small class sizes, the quality of education, and the close knit community that being a part of Butler provides. In addition, my experience with Butler’s ROTC program was easily one of the highlights of my time at Butler. The program allowed me to grow as a leader, meet and work with some amazing people, and train for the job I’ve wanted since I was a little kid. 

How did Butler and the ROTC program prepare you for your career? 
My Butler and ROTC experience prepared me so well for my current career as an Air Defense Artillery Officer. The ROTC program provided realistic army training and Butler offered a well-rounded classroom education. One way I have seen this play out has been in my ability to study and perform well on tests. That is a skill that was developed through both Butler and ROTC and led to my success as I studied for and graduated from Air Assault and Pathfinder within six months of each other.

What skills or knowledge did you gain from Butler and the ROTC program that have been most useful in your career? 
Throughout my time at Butler and in the ROTC program, I was able to learn a lot of skills that have helped me succeed in my career. A few of these being my ability to think critically, adapt quickly to new situations or challenges that arise, and my ability to connect with others. Butler and the ROTC program often put me in situations or positions that continually allowed me to grow and strengthen these skills, which has allowed me to thrive in my current role.

What advice would you give someone considering the ROTC program at Butler? 
I would tell them to definitely check it out! ROTC is a great way to grow as a person and leader while also getting financial assistance for your education. Specifically, the ROTC program at Butler is special because of its size. With a smaller size program, you get a closer community, the opportunity for more hands-on learning experiences, networking and travel opportunities, and just an overall incredibly positive experience that sets you up well for your future career.