I may be known as the Butler Bulldog, but as I’ve come to learn in my young mascot career, that doesn’t mean there’s some invisible fence keeping me on campus. One paw off the curb at 46th and Sunset and I’m turning heads—from Broad Ripple to Irvington, from Fountain Square through Mass Ave., around Monument Circle and out to I-465 and beyond.

So, while I may be the mascot for Butler University, I’m also an ambassador for the City of Indianapolis. It’s a badge I wear as proudly as my varsity “B” letter sweater. After all, I—along with all my fellow Bulldogs—take great pride in calling Indianapolis home.

Just take a look around Indy and you’ll find an abundance of Butler students, faculty, staff, and alumni doing great things as shared in this issue of Butler Magazine. Butler Bulldogs have been burying bones all over the community, while opening our campus for our neighbors to come bury bones of their own.

The Butler campus is in the heart of Indy, and Indy will always hold a spot in all Dawgs’ hearts. I’m honored to be mascot at this moment, following along as Bulldogs continue to keep our city moving forward.