Whether you want to become a journalist, broadcaster, or simply have a knack for writing, Butler University provides opportunities to let you pursue your passion and helps you build the skills you’ll need for real professional experience after graduation. From the student-run newspaper, The Butler Collegian, to class-run broadcast shows such as “Press Pass” and “The Bark,” students are able to publish their own work and gain real-life experience before they enter the field.

First-year Bridget Early is a voice performance and political science major, but has always had a passion for writing. Between balancing her recitals and writing on the culture section for The Butler Collegian, she said the experiences and connections she has made has been worth it.

“I think it’s been a great way to interact with a bunch of different people on campus,” Bridget said. “I’ve enjoyed getting to know people in different organizations and the people in my section. It’s been a great environment.”

According to Bridget, writing for the school’s newspaper really helped her strengthen her writing and interviewing skills. Moreover, she was able to make more friendships outside of her major. Sophomore Jackson Borman also said working for The Butler Collegian, along with his internship at The Butler Newsroom, has helped him with time management. Jackson learned how to balance between his classes, his internship, and writing for The Collegian, while still enjoying his social life and doing other activities he loves.

Jackson, a strategic communications major, loves both of his positions and said the experiences he’s had are very positive. “There is something about doing the research and completing an article and having a polished finished product that I really enjoy,” Jackson said. “Also, researching for different stories allows me to learn a ton about the Butler community and about things or people that I never knew about before.”

Furthermore, broadcasting opportunities such as the ones sophomore Savannah Boettcher has pursued, allow her to do a story on whatever she wants and let her bring her own ideas to the table. If Savannah isn’t anchoring, she can be found interviewing or reporting. She even had the opportunity to interview Butler Basketball’s head coach LaVall Jordan.

“Working for both ‘Press Play’ and ‘The Bark’ have helped me so much by giving me practical experience,” Boettcher said. “It helps me to work on facial expressions, hand gestures, and stuff that is minor now, but could be major one day.”

Any student who has the passion for writing, being on camera, or even just wants to experience what it’s like to work for a student-run news source has a multitude of platforms readily available to them right on Butler’s campus. Not only is the work fun, the “real-world” preparation ensures students gain not only the experience but the personal confidence it takes to be successful after graduation.