Intended Major
Elementary Education
Expected Grad Date
Extracurricular Activities
Greek Life, BUDM, Student Ambassador, Student Orientation Guide
Glenview, IL
High School
Glenbrook South High School
Favorite Spot on Campus
Starbucks! I love that I can study and socialize at the same time!


What do you want to be when you grow up?

Post-graduation I want to be an elementary school teacher, but a couple years down the line I hope to go back to school and become a principal or superintendent!

What’s been your favorite course at Butler so far and why?

My favorite course at Butler has been my PCA: Arts and Exceptionality with Dr. Hochman and Dr. Esteves. Not only did I learn about myself but I learned about what it means to be an artist. As a class, we explored the question, “What is art?” with the Urban Artisans at ArtMix. Even though I took this class my first year at Butler, I still reference the lessons that I learned from this course in my other classes and in my daily life as well!

What is it like to be a part of the Butler Community? Who is your Butler Community?

Being a part of the Butler Community has made me feel like an individual who has hundreds of people that make up my support system. I have never felt like “just a number” or that my ideas were not valid. At Butler, my peers are cheering me along on the sidelines through every step of my college career. My Butler Community is made up of my friends, my sorority sisters, my professors, my coworkers, my classmates, the Starbucks workers, the strangers, and the people who I’ve never met but still smile at me when we pass each other walking through Jordan Hall.

How will your Butler experience help you after graduation?

The biggest thing I’ve learned at Butler is that it is ok to take risks. After graduation, I know that I can follow my heart, and no matter what the outcome is, I will learn a valuable lesson about myself and the people that I am surrounded by.

What’s your favorite memory of your Butler experience, so far?

My favorite memory at Butler so far actually occurred while giving a tour. One of the moms in my tour group had attended Butler and had majored in Elementary Education. It was sort of like I was looking at myself in 20 years. While passing through Jordan Hall on the tour, one of my professors came out of his office and actually joined in on the tour! Turns out, the mom had been texting him that she was on campus with her daughter and he wanted to say hello (how cool that they are still in contact after all this time). It was really special to have one of my professors come on my tour because he now has seen another part of my Butler identity: being a tour guide.

What were your primary factors in making your college decision?

I knew for sure that I wanted to go to a small school with a great education program. I first toured Butler my freshman year of high school when my older brother was looking at coming here. To be honest, all I remember from my visit was that even though it was a gloomy, rainy day, the students and faculty on campus were so genuinely happy to be here. During my college search, I kept coming back to Butler solely based on what I remember feeling from that first visit. As I did more research on Butler’s education program, I knew that this was the perfect place for me as a learning, growing individual!

What makes you most proud to be a Bulldog?

What makes me most proud to be a Bulldog is knowing that no matter what kind of day I’m having, there are people here who will support me through it all. What we have at Butler is so special and I truly believe that it cannot be found anywhere else.

What does the Butler Way mean to you?

To me, the Butler Way is being nice. It is smiling at strangers on campus, holding doors from what seems like a mile away, respecting people’s belongings when they leave their things at a table in Starbucks, and most of all, the Butler Way is stepping up to assume any role that needs to be filled. At Butler, we care for each one of our peers as if they were a member of our immediate family—and that makes my mom really jealous!