Rosa Trippel
Biochemistry major, Neuroscience and Biology minors
Mishawaka, Indiana

Why did you choose to come to Butler and what are you studying?
I toured Butler twice—once during my sophomore year and again during my senior year. After the first tour, I did not see myself here at all. Looking back, it was only because I did not give Butler a chance. During the second tour, I walked through campus with an open mindset and noticed how my tour guide was saying hi to so many students as they passed. She was excited to see her friends, and I was inspired by the strong connections I saw among many of the students. I wanted to be a part of the campus community, which soon became a second family to me. 

I am currently studying Biochemistry. This was not always the case though. When I applied to Butler I was accepted into the Exploratory program. I have always been interested in too many subjects to pinpoint which I wanted to pursue. The Exploratory program helped guide me to my current major after many conversations about what I wanted my future to look like. Another reason I chose Butler was because of the strong undecided program. I felt like I would not be alone in the uncertainty of not knowing what comes next. 

Why did you choose to become a Student Orientation Coordinator (SOC)?
I chose to become a SOC to further my connections at Butler. I have loved being involved in many organizations on campus. They have all allowed me to meet new people and build lasting friendships. It is so easy to meet new people and build connections at Butler—something I am truly thankful for since it makes Butler feel like home to me. 

I truly enjoyed being a Student Orientation Guide (or SOG) and wanted to continue to be involved in Orientation week in whatever way I could. After watching the SOCs last year lead the students and SOGs, I knew I wanted to carry on their positive impact. I have received great advice from SOCs in past years and became very good friends with them. I would love to have the same impact on others, like the past leaders were able to do for me.

What has being a SOC taught you about yourself?
Being a SOC has increased my confidence in myself. Everyone feels like an imposter sometimes, like they are not qualified or good enough for the position they are in but being a SOC has shown me the importance in boosting others’ confidence. This has led me to believe in myself as well. Orientation preparation has also helped me rely on others more. Without the great SOC team and our advisors, Meghan Haggerty and Josiah Hatfield, we would not be able to plan Orientation. 

What is your favorite part of Student Orientation?
My favorite part of Orientation is Playfair. This event allows new students to get to know one another in a fun way! It is on the mall with hundreds of students participating. Students are given prompts to meet new friends and build connections. SOCs and SOGs also get to be involved so it is a great way to take a break from our busy schedule and welcome new students to campus. 

What advice would you give Butler first-year students about getting acclimated to campus?
Give Butler a chance! Go to late night events, hang out on the mall, ask a new friend to get coffee. Your small action could have an immeasurable impact on your time at Butler. Be open to new experiences. Join a club you know nothing about, go to a Butler sporting event, eat with someone new in Atherton. Putting yourself out there in the beginning will be rewarding later.