Butler University is again among the roughly 300 schools listed in the Fiske Guide to Colleges, a reference book for prospective students looking for “the best and most interesting schools.”

The 2018 edition, which is now available, notes that “the University’s most popular programs are also among its best and include Marketing, Biological Science, Elementary Education, and pre-professional tracks in Pharmacy and Physician Assistant studies.”

Fiske Guide to Colleges“Other solid offerings include Dance, Theater, International Business, and English, especially the creative writing track. The Risk Management and Insurance major focuses on teaching students how to mitigate and manage risks through a combination of insurance and non-insurance techniques; graduates of the program can work in the insurance and financial services industries.”

The book recognizes the Honors program (“designed to foster a diverse and challenging intellectual climate”), undergraduate research, study abroad, “and a strong undergraduate liberal arts experience.”

“Butler University offers quality education, friendly and approachable professors, plenty of opportunities for involvement, and an overall friendly atmosphere,” one student is quoted as saying.

And, of course, the Butler’s entry in Fiske touches on basketball. “Those who attend this small Midwestern University know that Bulldogs basketball is representative of the Butler way of life, which emphasizes teamwork, tenacity, and solid fundamentals,” the book says. As for Hinkle Fieldhouse, it “has reigned as one of the nation’s great sports arenas for more than eight decades.”

The book notes the park-like setting of the Butler campus—“centuries-old trees, open landscaped malls, curving sidewalks, fountains, a nature preserve, a prairie, a historical canal, a formal botanical garden, an observatory, and jogging paths”—as well as the cultural advantages available in Indianapolis.

“Butler truly becomes a community for our students,” says a sophomore. “The students and faculty all work to make Butler life an enjoyable experience for all.”


Media contact:
Marc Allan