Butler University’s Division of Student Affairs has announced it is offering all students a free, annual subscription to the mindfulness and well-being app, Headspace.

“I am excited we can offer students another resource to support their well-being,” said Dr. Frank E. Ross, Vice President for Student Affairs. “We are committed to finding new ways to offer accessible services to students, regardless of if they’re learning on or off Butler’s campus. Headspace allows us to meet students where they are and provide a tool that promotes our commitment to wellness.”

The Division began searching for a tool after feedback from a recent Student Government Association (SGA) survey indicated students would be interested in an app that provided meditation and well-being services.

“Students told us they wanted additional wellness resources, and with the national rise of virtual health support, Headspace was the perfect choice for Butler,” said Beth Lohman, Associate Director of Recreation and Wellness, and the Headspace campus administrator.  “I hope students use this tool to slow down and take care of themselves.”

Roua Daas, a senior Psychology major and SGA’s Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, agreed that this is an impactful way to care for students’ mental health.

“Headspace is an accessible and easy way to improve our mindfulness and meditation practices. During a time of such high anxiety, frustration, and emotional upheaval, it is so important for students to explore different ways to prioritize their mental health,” Daas said, speaking to the stress of the pandemic.

Headspace provides more than 1,000 hours of research-based, guided exercises and videos designed to help users live healthier and happier. From quick breathing exercises, to yoga classes, to guided meditations, students will have a new toolkit to help them stress less, move more, and sleep soundly.

Caroline Osler, a sophomore and an executive member of Be The Voice, a mental health advocacy organization, said she’s looking forward to having access to Headspace, especially during the pandemic.

“I think many students have become more conscientious of their well-being and mental health due to the pandemic, and they are looking for new types of support,” Osler said. “We are all attached to our devices right now with hybrid classes and activities, so having a resource like Headspace that is at our fingertips and allows us to pause will be beneficial to our mental health.” 

Students can activate their free subscription at any time at www.butler.edu/well-being/mental-health/headspace/ and sign up using their university email address.

Maddie Riess, a junior Psychology major, added that Headspace has been on her wish list for a while, but the cost was a barrier.

“I am super excited to have access to Headspace,” Riess said. “I have been wanting to try out this app for a while now, and the only thing holding me back was finances. Now that it’s free, I am looking forward to using it, and I’m sure many of my peers are feeling the same way.”

Photo from left: Caroline Osler, Dr. Frank E. Ross, Roua Daas