In Butler’s College of Communications, learning often extends beyond the classroom, into the real world…but that doesn’t mean you have to leave campus. There are many on-campus media opportunities of which any student can be a part.

Here’s a short list:

  1. The Butler Collegian

    The Collegian office is home to The Butler Collegian, Butler’s student run newspaper. The Collegian office runs like a real newsroom – always lively, chaotic  and on deadline. With a strong commitment to journalism, the Collegian informs, entertains and keeps students up to date on everything happening on and around campus. The Collegian publishes weekly in print and online.

  2. The Butler Beat and BU:30

    The Butler Beat is a weekly news and interview program featuring all things news and entertainment related on campus. It is hands on and student run and operated, providing students the opportunity to be involved at every level of news and entertainment production.  
    BU:30 is a weekly sports show anchored and produced by students. The show features stories and interviews with Butler’s NCAA Division One athletes and coaches.


    Weekly student produced webcasts on all things Butler Sports, FREE! Students create content for updates, schedules, fan centers and more for Butler teams.

  1. IndyBlueRadio

    Butler’s very own, student run and produced campus radio station. The station can be streamed on any computer, and plays mainly college /adult alternative music in addition to student artists and programming. Students are encouraged to submit their own work and programs to be featured on air.