Butler University today announced that Beastcoast, a leading esports organization and gaming content network, will be the newest tenant at Esports Park. Beastcoast staff and esports players will use the Esports Park facilities for competitive training while forging a deeper relationship with the collegiate esports scene in Indianapolis and the Greater Midwest region.

“Community partnerships are a strategic priority for the Butler Esports program and the university as a whole” Eric Kammeyer, Butler University’s Director of Esports and Gaming Technology, said. “Hosting Beastcoast has been in the works since connecting at the 2020 Techstars Sports Accelerator. This partnership adds another element to providing an immersive educational experience for students and faculty, who will have the benefit of educating with an esports ecosystem right on campus, specifically alongside a professional esports network like Beastcoast that entertains on the global stage.”

“I’ve been impressed by Butler University’s significant investment in esports, particularly the emphasis they’ve placed on growing collegiate esports,” said Grant Zinn, Beastcoast co-Founder and CEO. “It reflects Beastcoast’s own community-focused values, including our deep connection with the grassroots esports scene. Esports Park is a fantastic facility, and I’m proud that Beastcoast is here in Indianapolis as one of the inaugural partners. I have no doubt that with the high level of quality at Esports Park, our players will be able to train and reach even greater competitive heights.”

The Techstars Sports Accelerator Powered by Indy is helping to attract sports technology companies like Beastcoast to Indianapolis. Made possible by Founding Partners including the Next Level Fund/50 South Capital, Pacers Sports & Entertainment, NCAA, Indiana Sports Corp and Supporting Partners Indianapolis Colts, NTT IndyCar Series and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Techstars Sports Accelerator Powered by Indy invests $120,000 in each of ten sports technology startups per year. In 2020, Beastcoast was the first esports company to receive funding from Techstars.

“When we began working with them in 2020 as part of our global Techstars Sports Accelerator, we knew Beastcoast would play an important role in the future of esports. It’s exciting to not only be part of the innovation and growth they are cultivating in esports, but also to see them contribute to the growing sports technology hub that is Indianapolis. The new Esports Park is ideal for this area and we’re excited to dive into this collaboration with these fantastic partners.” said Jordan Fliegel, Managing Director at Techstars Sports Accelerator and Techstars New York City.

Indianapolis, a city that made a name for itself in luring amateur sports organizations and competitions to the city, believes it can replicate that success by now attracting sports technology companies and esports competitions. Indiana Sports Corp, the organization that is often credited for Indy’s success with amateur and professional sports, says Techstars will be a key partner in that effort.

“One of the main objectives in partnering with Techstars to launch the accelerator was to grow our sports business ecosystem in Indiana,” Patrick Talty, President of Indiana Sports Corp, said. “I’m thrilled to see Beastcoast choosing Indy and specifically Butler as a place to call home and plan for future growth. Esports continue to be a growth industry for Indy and this partnership will surely help take our community to the next level.”

Beastcoast believes its location on Butler’s campus is a win-win for the company, the university, and the community. “Having access to Butler’s students can help us with testing and provides us with a talent pipeline for open positions with our company,” Zinn said. “We plan to host tournaments and other events for the community in Butler’s Esports Park. We may even have employees who want to take classes at Butler, especially as they continue to launch more sports technology and esports programs. The opportunities that could arise from this partnership are almost endless.”

Last month, Butler announced that Challonge, a software-as-a-service company that allows gamers to run their own tournaments online, would be the first tenant in Butler’s new Esports Park. Founded in 2009, Challonge was acquired by Logitech in 2019 and operates under the gaming division, Logitech G.