As part of Butler’s preparation for a February 2023 visit from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), the University conducted a review of its mission statement. Realizing that it had not been revised for many years, the University engaged in a months-long process that built upon efforts that began during the development of the Butler Beyond strategic direction, and included reviews of existing academic and co-curricular mission and value statements across campus, as well as input from a variety of stakeholders including alumni, faculty, and staff.

Butler’s new mission statement was revealed at President Danko’s end-of-year address to the Butler community in April, and subsequently approved by the Board of Trustees during its June meeting:

Butler University, founded on ideals of equity and academic excellence, creates and fosters a collaborative, stimulating intellectual learning environment. We are inspired to boldly innovate and broadly educate, enriching communities and preparing all learners to lead meaningful lives.

With references to our founding mission, commitment to academic excellence and innovation, and responsibility to be inclusive as Butler pushes the boundaries on who, how, and where it educates, the new statement captures where the University started, where it stands, and where it is headed.

The HLC’s Reaffirmation of Accreditation process for the Standard Pathway requires two reviews in a 10-year period— one at the fourth year, which we successfully completed in 2017, then a comprehensive evaluation in the 10th year (our current cycle). While this process allows Butler to showcase our many accomplishments since the last review, it also compels us to improve as an institution and evaluate opportunities to more holistically live out our mission. Butler University’s final draft of its Assurance Argument, which is the result of our comprehensive self-study, will be posted for public review and comments in December, as we prepare for the HLC site visit in 2023. You can learn more about Butler’s HLC reaccreditation process at