November 8 is recognized nationally as First-Generation College Celebration Day, which is dedicated to recognizing and celebrating students who are the first in their families to attend college and promoting educational access.

Eiman Toor
Psychology and Criminology major, Neuroscience minor
Hong Kong, China

What does being a first-generation student mean to you?
Being a first-generation student fills me with pride. I am among the first children in my family to continue my education past high school. Moving to a new country with limited knowledge of the college system taught me to be resilient, unafraid, and to ask for help when needed.

Why did you choose to come to Butler?
I wanted the best college experience. With Butler’s small class sizes, personalized classes, and relationships with professors and staff, I knew it would be the right place to receive the support and education I wanted.

What piece of advice would you share with incoming first-generation college students?
I would tell them to get out of their comfort zone, even though it may seem difficult. At first, I was unsure if I would be able to fit in, but my experience has been the opposite. By attending various events hosted by the Diversity Center and joining clubs around campus, I found my place here.

Who has influenced you the most during your time at Butler?
Dr. Shelby Terweillegar, one of my first professors at Butler, has influenced me greatly. It was both our first semesters at Butler. She was welcoming and always willing to talk. She showed me that I wasn’t alone in navigating this process.

What do you want to do upon graduation?
I am interested in working in psychology in a clinical setting. I am also interested in continuing my education and applying to graduate school focusing on neuroscience.