Calvin Prenkert
Critical Communication and Media Studies major, History minor
Bloomington, Indiana

What are you doing post-graduation?
I will attend the University of Minnesota to pursue a Master of Marketing degree. 

How did Butler support you in pursuing graduate school?
I worked with the Career and Professional Success (CaPS) office to take a look at my options and figure out what was best for me and where I could see myself post grad. Along with helping me figure out some of my strengths and what grad school program would best suit me, the CaPS office reviewed my graduate application materials to ensure I was putting my best foot forward during the admissions process. Additionally, my advisor studied at the University of Minnesota as a graduate student and helped affirm that it would be a beneficial opportunity and great next step for me.

How did Butler prepare you for this next chapter in your life?
Both in and out of the classroom, Butler encouraged my growth and learning from day one. In the classroom, I became a critical scholar gaining new perspectives and grappling with important concepts that relate to our society and its intersection with communication and the media. Outside of the classroom, I found a wealth of opportunity to grow professionally and personally, in clubs and student organizations, internships, and in developing meaningful relationships that will last long past graduation. 

What are your long-term career goals?
I hope to work in the fields of marketing and community outreach and engagement and eventually work for a non-profit organization. I also have aspirations to get my doctorate and travel and work internationally, as well as give back to my community and mentor youth through programs such as Big Brothers Big Sisters. 

What are you going to miss most about your time at Butler?
The people. Without a doubt, Butler has given me friends for life. I have friends from my first year that I still talk to every day, and I continue to make new friends on campus even in my final semester. Truthfully, it’s hard to imagine not living next to all these people who mean so much to me. Butler Bulldogs are great people.

What advice would you give a first-year student as you reflect on your time at Butler? 
Explore as many different opportunities and experiences as you can while at Butler. Check out that club or intramural sport that piques your interest. Get out of your comfort zone early and often. College can be daunting at first, but Butler students are incredibly welcoming. You can also be brave and make mistakes and know that you’ll have people around you to fall back on. My best memories came from my time as a member of organizations such as the men’s a  capella group, my fraternity, my club frisbee team, and even my on-campus job washing dishes at a sorority. You never know where you’ll find something meaningful until you start looking for it.