Katelyn Soards
Arts Administration major, Music and Strategic Communication: Public Relations and Advertising minors

Zionsville, Indiana

What are you doing post-graduation? 
I will be the Assistant Director of Sponsorships at the Butler Arts and Events Center (BAEC). I couldn’t be more excited to return to campus to work with the incredible staff at the BAEC. I look forward to strengthening my knowledge of the arts in our community and working with local business leaders to promote the arts on campus. I’m so thankful that my first chapter in post-grad life will be at the place that means so much to me.

How did Butler support you in finding this job? 
I leaned on the support of my academic advisor Brenda Johnston while looking for opportunities in the arts administration field. Her advice, guidance, and support was an integral part of my education at Butler. I also worked both as an usher and front desk receptionist in Clowes Memorial Hall, so strengthening my relationships at the Butler Arts and Events Center during my time as a student greatly helped me in becoming a full-time staff member there after graduation. The Butler community is tight knit, and I’m so thankful for the support I’ve received from faculty, staff, and fellow students in the last four years!

How did Butler prepare you for this next chapter in your life?
Butler truly values real life experience and constantly reminds us that we are people before we are students. I was encouraged to learn from those that think differently than I do, get off of campus to experience the world around me, and greatly value the relationships I made along the way.

What are your long-term career goals?
I hope to always work for an organization whose mission I care about on a personal level. As long as I continue to grow my passions, meet new people, and pour my whole heart into whatever it is that I’m doing, I am confident that I will have a fulfilling career.

What excites you most about starting your career?
I feel so fortunate that my time at Butler is not coming to an end! Throughout the last four years, I’ve been thankful to be surrounded by driven, thoughtful, and compassionate people 24/7. The campus culture that Butler has cultivated is extremely special, and I feel so lucky to have been a part of it as a student. Now, I can’t wait to be a part of it as a staff member!

What advice would you give a first-year student as you reflect on your time at Butler? 
So much of what you learn in college happens outside of the classroom. Embrace all of the unique opportunities that will come your way, say yes to something that in high school you would be shocked you tried, and know that not every trial will end in success – but everyone here is in the same boat. You’re surrounded by people that are eager to know and love you. Take advantage of that opportunity while you have it because four years go by FAST when you’re a Dawg.