Butler University’s Clowes Hall ranks 97th among theaters worldwide in gross sales revenue and 80th in the world for number of tickets sold, according to rankings released this week by Pollstar, a company that provides data for the worldwide concert industry. This is the fifth consecutive year Clowes Hall has cracked the Top 150 in Pollstar’s list of top-performing theatres.

According to the Pollstar rankings, Clowes Hall grossed $5,262,526 on 103,636 tickets. The venue ranked first among Indiana theaters for tickets sold and third in the state for gross revenues. The ranking is an improvement over last year when Clowes Hall ranked 117th in the world for gross sales revenue.

“Patrons continue to flock to Clowes Hall in record numbers for live theater, music, and comedy,” said Aaron Hurt, Vice President of Arts, Events, and Enterprise Management at Butler University. “It’s a historic venue, it’s centrally located, and we’re bringing in top acts from every genre. From children’s shows to ballet, comedy to drama, rock concerts to lectures, there’s something for everyone at Clowes Hall.”

Hurt said some of the most popular shows at Clowes Hall over the past year included comedians Taylor Tomlinson, Theo Von, and Shane Gillis; concerts by Kansas, Black Violin, and Billy Ocean; family shows Blippi and Magic School Bus; and speakers William Shatner, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Teresa Caputo.

For a complete list of shows scheduled for Clowes Hall and the rest of the Butler Arts & Events Center venues, please visit ButlerArtsCenter.org.