When Al Carroll ’13 addresses a room full of college students, he tends to ask two questions. The first one is “How many of you are from Indiana?” Hands around the room shoot up as students demonstrate their state pride.

The next question tends to lead to a different response. “How many of you intend to live and work in Indiana after you graduate?” Hands slowly fall, and the room gets noticeably quieter.

Al Carroll has made it his personal mission to change this reaction. Appointed as President and CEO of IndyHub in July 2022, Carroll is passionate about introducing young people to all of the opportunities that Indianapolis has to offer. “Though I’m not from here, I recognize that all I’ve accomplished in my adult life has happened in Indiana. I see the value in the state, and I want to recruit and retain a community of young people who see a vibrant space where they can succeed as well.”

A 2013 Butler graduate of the Lacy School of Business, Carroll has held a number of roles since then. Most recently a Senior Account Executive at Ellipses Education, he has also held positions at TechPoint and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Additionally, Carroll has served in a variety of civic roles throughout the Indianapolis community, and these experiences have made him an ideal fit at IndyHub.

IndyHub partners with several different organizations around the city in order to grow, engage,and empower Indy’s community of 20- and 30-somethings. The organization curates experiences that create advocates for Indianapolis, which is crucial as the city continues to draw in young people.

“Young people make up a third of the Indianapolis population, so 20- and 30-somethings certainly have a voice in this community.” Carroll notes. “That voice can have a significant impact, and ultimately it can help a new generation build a community that they want to be a part of in the future.”

IndyHub brings young people together by arranging events and programming that encourage individuals to get involved in the community. For instance, IndyHub’s annual IndyVolved event brings together local nonprofits and civic organizations to showcase ways for young leaders to volunteer, serve on boards and committees, and ultimately make a difference throughout the city. Last year, the event drew nearly 1,500 registrants from a variety of backgrounds, which is critical to IndyHub’s mission.

Bringing together young people from all walks of life is extremely important to Carroll as well. Given Indy’s diverse community, Carroll wants to ensure that IndyHub’s events reflect this same diversity.

“Our programs show attendees that Indy can be a place for everyone,” Carroll says. “Diversity is a fact, inclusion is a choice; we want young people from every background to feel included in our work.”

IndyHub’s programming is guided and supported by the organization’s Board of Directors. Composed of several local ambassadors, this team informs the strategy of the organization and ensures programming is consistently bringing value to young people.

“Our board members are critical to our strategic vision,” Carroll notes. “They’re movers and shakers who are with us every step of the way in evaluating our work and ensuring our programming is sustainable as a new generation of young people emerges in Indianapolis.”

Looking ahead, Carroll is focused on future-proofing the organization. With Gen Z starting to enter their 20s, he is shifting IndyHub’s focus to ensure that this new generation is getting just as much value out of the city as those before them. This means creating spaces where people can have their voices heard and connecting them with the resources that will help them advance in their lives and communities.

Al and IndyHub’s incredible work would not be possible without consistent support from the Indianapolis community. This non-profit organization is supported solely by donations, and these contributions ensure that the organization maintains low barriers to entry so young people from all backgrounds can participate and reap the benefits.

For more information about IndyHub or to contribute to its meaningful work, visit indyhub.org.