Intended Major
Critical Communications and Media Studies, Minors in Sociology, Gender and Sexuality Studies, and Chinese
Expected Grad Date
Extracurricular Activities
Greek Life, Butler Ambassadors for Special Olympics, Butler Student Ambassadors
St. Paul, MN
High School
St. Paul Academy
Favorite Spot on Campus
Hinkle Fieldhouse or Starbucks


What do you want to be when you grow up?

Working for a non-profit organization that is focused on youth development (hopefully women and girls).

What’s been your favorite course at Butler so far and why?

My favorite course at Butler has been Trumpism and the American Democracy because it was interesting to me to discuss such a political topic while it was happening. As the presidency continues to unfold, my professor will update the information to keep us up to date with the current political sphere. I’ve learned the trends of politicians before Trump and how those philosophies affect his presidency today.

What is it like to be a part of the Butler Community? Who is your Butler Community?

The Butler Community is complex. There are many organizations, groups, and majors that facilitate a unique discussion and an intricate community that allows many philosophies to flourish. My Butler Community is the people I live with, take classes with, and say hi to walking around campus. The people that make me laugh, smile, and push me to be a better person.

How will your Butler experience help you after graduation?

I will understand that opinions are very different and that everyone has their own unique perspective of the world. Each individual has a diverse belief on how they can change the world; no major, passion, hobby, or job means more or less than another.

What’s your favorite memory of your Butler experience, so far?

My favorite memory of Butler so far has been Spring Sports. Planning it this year through Butler Ambassadors for Special Olympics (an organization I was selected to join), I was able to plan and facilitate a great day of twelve hour sporting events. It was so enjoyable to not only see a great amount of Butler students participate in all of the games but also to support and give money to Special Olympics.

What were your primary factors in making your college decision?

I wanted a school that had a large-school atmosphere in a smaller/medium-school setting. I wanted school spirit that made me feel just as passionate about a university as the student body felt. When I came to campus I was so thrilled to hear all of the students cheering at tours “go dawgs!” “come to Butler” “your tour guide rocks!”. It made me excited to think that they cared so much about making my college process fun and appealing. When I visited several classes with a True Blue student, the teachers and students cared to ask me where I was from and most importantly what I was passionate about. I wanted students who want to help each other, not tear each other down; students who would cheer for each other when they do something good and pick each other up when they are worried, stressed, or not feeling their best. And that is exactly what I found when I visited and talked to Butler students.

What makes you most proud to be a Bulldog?

What makes me most proud to be a Bulldog are the many organizations that use their privilege to benefit and help others. Through our various groups on campus we can use our friends, families, and resources to bring awareness to certain causes and support the Indianapolis community in some way or another.

What does the Butler Way mean to you?

The Butler Way means to always support those who are around you; to pay for someone in the Starbucks line or help pick up someones books if they fall; to call out when injustice is being had and to stand up for what you believe in. The Butler Way means that even if an individual may not benefit directly from an action, it doesn’t mean others won’t, and benefiting others is the greatest thing we can accomplish as a university. The Butler Way also means to do as best as we can in each endeavor, class, or organization so that we can expand our perspectives and better the world around us.