The first time stepping on a college campus for an official visit can bring unexpected nerves and excitement as you imagine what the future could look like. Make the most of your upcoming campus visit to Butler by knowing these eight things.

1. Arrive Early

Give yourself plenty of time to make it to campus the day of your visit. Once you find a parking spot, you’ll want to make your way to Robertson Hall, where you will have a chance to mingle with current students and look over your schedule for the day.

2. Meet your Admission Counselor

Your first visit to campus provides a great opportunity to meet your admission counselor. Take the time to introduce yourself to and become familiar with this person, as they play an important role in visiting your hometown and reviewing your application.

3. Ask Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, as finding the right college fit is important. Your questions and concerns are valid, and Butler students, staff, and faculty are eager to share their experience with you.

4. Visit Butler Blue IV

Perhaps one of the most memorable highlights of visiting is seeing the Official Mascot, Butler Blue IV. Keep your eyes open—you never know where you might see Blue exploring campus.

5. Take the Campus Tour

Dress for the weather, and put on your sneakers because you won’t want to miss the tour of campus! Butler Student Ambassadors are eager to give you the inside look of campus from Irvington House to Hinkle Fieldhouse.

6. Peek at your Surroundings

Notice the way people greet one another with a “Go Dawgs!” Or, get a glimpse of the action of someone who stops to hold the door for the person trailing behind them. Catch a conversation between students and professors between classes. This culture you witness is often referred to as The Butler Way, and it is what makes this campus community different from anything else you’ll see.

7. Snap a Picture

Capture your visit with a memorable picture with the stone Bulldog, the BU sign, or any other memorable spot on campus. Don’t forget to share it with us by tagging @butleru on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

8. Visit Again!

Know that your first visit to campus doesn’t have to be your last. Keep a look out for the many different visits and events available to dive deeper into campus and specific programs. You are always welcome at Butler!

Katie Pfaff is an Admission Counselor within Butler’s Office of Admission. Katie works with students living in Alabama; Texas; West and East Indiana; and North West, North Central, West Central, and Central Ohio.