Samantha Plumridge
Strategic Communication: Public Relations & Advertising major, Creative Media and Entertainment minor
Cedarburg, Wisconsin 

Where are you interning and what are your day-to-day responsibilities?
I am a media intern at Medxcel, the largest sole provider of healthcare facilities services in the United States. Right now, I am working on comparing competitors’ social media to ours, as we want to start implementing short video posts to Instagram Reels and TikToks.

How does this internship relate to your major?
Working as a media intern relates to my Strategic Communication major in various ways. For example, I am forming a media strategy by analyzing your competitors’ social media accounts and comparing them to ours. I will also learn how to create videos and content to post on our social media. These tasks directly relate to my digital media and editing classes.

What do you like most about your internship?
I love the community of people I am surrounded by. My fellow interns and I get along really well. My mentor and project sponsor are also a massive support system for me. I never feel bad about asking a question or getting guidance. The staff is super friendly and willing to help me with anything.

What has surprised you most about your internship?
I’ve been surprised by how much goes on behind the scenes and what Medxcel does. Medxcel works really closely with Ascension hospitals. As someone who uses Ascension for their own healthcare needs, I find it cool to see the back end of the system. 

What are your career goals and how is this internship preparing you?
As someone who wants to work in digital marketing after graduation, this internship gives me an upfront look at what a big corporation looks like. I love creating content and engaging with target audiences, so my work here with social media and video editing is helping me further develop these skills. 

What advice would you give another student who may be looking for an internship?
My best advice is to use the resources that Butler provides you. I found my internship through Handshake, which is available to all students. Through this process, I have learned so much about the different types of companies that offer internships. By keeping your options open, you can find a unique and interesting internship that furthers your education and gives you hands-on experience.