Jordan Brown
International Studies and Political Science major, Spanish minor
Fishers, Indiana 

Where are you studying abroad and why did you choose this destination?
I am studying abroad at the University of Zurich in Switzerland on a semester-long exchange program in their political science department. I was in Dr. Jett’s activism class one day, and she talked about a study-abroad opportunity in Switzerland that she helped create. The program is designed for Political Science and International Studies majors, which are my majors. I was excited about the possibility of going to Switzerland because it was not a country on my radar. I talked to Dr. Jett one-on-one to gather more details about the program and left the conversation ready to apply.

What did you enjoy most about being abroad?
What I enjoyed most about being abroad was living in a different country. I was able to essentially “test drive” a new life. Taking public transportation, having Sundays be an actual day of rest, day-tripping to a different country, and having classes occur once a week instead of twice were some small, impactful changes to my daily routine. I enjoyed calling Zurich home and integrating myself into the culture.

What have you discovered about yourself from your study abroad experience?
I was anxious about studying abroad because I had never been that far away from home for such a long time. That anxiety did not stop me from taking advantage of the opportunity. I knew the temporary discomfort I felt would be worth the lasting memories. To my surprise, I found myself acclimating nicely to my new routine and envisioning what life would be like if I lived abroad after graduation. This experience confirmed I have what it takes to venture out and create the life I have always dreamed of.

What advice would you give to Butler students who are considering studying abroad?
My advice to Butler students who are considering studying abroad would be to answer the question, “Why do you want to study abroad?” The answer to this question is essential to planning and enjoying your study abroad experience. This answer will be unique to you, so I encourage you to think about it. Ask yourself what you hope to get from the studying abroad experience and who you want to be when you return.