The Butler Way demands commitment, denies selfishness, accepts reality, yet seeks improvement every day while putting the team above self.

The Butler Way is a motto that Butler students live by. When reviewing your application for admission, we can see examples of how students already embody this motto before even arriving on campus. Below are a few of the many ways we see The Butler Way demonstrated in a student’s application.

1. Leadership

We are very interested in learning about your involvement and leadership opportunities. This could be clubs and organizations inside and outside of your school, athletics, jobs, volunteer work, or any extracurricular activities. And if you’re very involved in high school and want to continue that in college, Butler has over 140 student organizations on campus.

2. Commitment

We understand that high school can be challenging, but a great way to show your commitment to your education is through the grades you earn in your classes. You may have a rocky start getting adjusted to high school, or grades might slip at another time, but showing you bounced back and have an overall upward grade trend lets us know you worked hard to overcome the challenges.

3. Hard-Working

There are several ways throughout your application that you can show us you’ve worked hard to get to where you are now. One way is to see that you have challenged yourself through the classes you have selected each year. This can be shown by taking AP or IB classes, college credit courses, or even a fourth year of math or science.

4. Character

One of the best ways for us to learn more about you and your character is through letters of recommendation. The letters you submit with your application can come from anyone you choose, but we recommend hearing from a teacher, coach, mentor, or boss. Letters of recommendation give us the opportunity to learn about your strengths from a different perspective.

5. Perseverance

We understand that standardized testing (ACT/SAT) isn’t for everyone, which is why we have a test-optional policy for most of our programs. But, if you do choose to take the ACT or SAT, we recommend trying it more than once to see how you can improve and how it may benefit your future.

Erin Scott is an Admission Counselor within Butler’s Office of Admission.