Butler University alumni are thriving personally and professionally, according to the Gallup-Purdue Index, a national survey of college graduates conducted by the Gallup Organization. Butler outperformed its peers across most items in graduates’ assessment of their student experience including faculty support and experiential learning, affinity for their alma mater, and overall well-being.

Butler CampusThe Gallup-Purdue Index measures the degree to which graduates have successful and engaging careers, and whether they are thriving in their overall well-being. It also emphasizes the undergraduate experiences that most substantially influence these outcomes.

Key findings from the survey include:

  • 82% of Butler grads agree or strongly agree it was the perfect school for them—a rate 15% higher than the national average.
  • Nearly 80% of Butler grads have attained careers in which they agree or strongly agree they are deeply interested in their work.
  • Approximately 2/3 of Butler grads agree or strongly agree they have the ideal job for them, surpassing the national average.
  • 94% of Butler grads agree or strongly agree their professors made them excited about learning as a student on campus.
  • Nearly twice as many Butler grads were extremely active in extracurricular activities on campus than graduates nationally.

“Butler’s liberal-arts based education encourages students to develop a lifelong love of learning, a passion for community involvement, and meaningful, fulfilling careers,” said President James M. Danko. “We are gratified by these survey results, which show that Butler is delivering on these promises.”

Butler also participated in the first statewide Gallup-Indiana Graduate Satisfaction Survey, coordinated by the Indiana Commission for Higher Education (ICHE), which revealed that 90% of alumni agree or strongly agree they are satisfied with the education they received at Butler and 81% agreed or strongly agreed that they were well prepared for life.

This marks the second year of the Gallup-Purdue Index, which is an annual national survey of alumni who received their undergraduate degrees. Results are based on surveys conducted online from December 16, 2014 to June 29, 2015, from a random sample of 30,151 respondents living in the U.S. with a bachelor’s degree or higher.

The Gallup-Indiana Graduate Satisfaction Survey included more than 22,000 graduates from 13 Indiana public and private colleges that volunteered to participate. Butler’s results are based on online surveys conducted from February 22 to March 22, 2016 with a sample of 4,696 Butler University undergraduate degree alumni. The Gallup-Indiana survey was conducted in partnership with ICHE and USA Funds.

“This kind of information about the college experiences and outcomes of Indiana graduates is invaluable for prospective students and their families who are planning for college, as well as for policymakers and educators who are determining higher education policy and programming,” said Carol D’Amico, USA Funds executive vice president, National Engagement and Philanthropy. “USA Funds is delighted to support these more robust measures of college value to promote student success in college and career.”

View Butler’s complete survey results here.


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