Grace Gordon is a sophomore at Butler University, where she majors in Strategic Communication and minors in Creative Writing.

Butler is known for its beautiful campus, and it doesn’t fall short on having a surplus of great places to study. Some of the most popular areas include the Starbucks at Atherton Union, the private work spaces available in the building for the Lacy School of Business, or the third floor of Irwin Library. But due to the popularity of these spots, it isn’t uncommon to find yourself scrambling for a table at Starbucks or disappointed that all the Business Building study rooms have been filled. Despite the crowds at some of the more obvious areas on campus, Butler is filled with hidden gems that are sure to satisfy your studying needs.

Business Building Rooftop Deck

I, unfortunately, didn’t discover the joys of working outside until colder days started slipping into my week, but next year I will be sure to spend more time on the rooftop deck of the building for the Lacy School of Business. This area on the top floor is filled with comfortable furniture and great views to add to your studying experience. When the weather is nice, you’ll have a beautiful view of campus while sitting outside in the sunshine.

Atherton Union Floor 1 ½

This spot is located up the stairs near the Reilly Room in Atherton Union, on what I like to call “floor 1 ½.” Technically, I think this is the second floor, but it is very small and only has a set of large windows and a quiet little nook that is perfect for curling up with some reading for class. The views through the windows that overlook the iconic stone bulldog statue and West Hampton Drive add even more character to this cozy location. It’s also in a convenient spot to grab a meal downstairs during the day. In the evening, if you’re lucky, the melodies of someone practicing piano in the Reilly Room will drift up to keep you company while you work.

South Campus Main Building Basement

This hidden spot is more of a hike, but if you’re looking for a unique and private place to study for an extended time, the South Campus Main Building basement is an excellent spot to settle in for hours. This room has a window overlooking the beautiful Central Canal and plenty of study space for you and your friends. The room has a large table and a few white boards that have always satisfied my studying needs. If this spot is already occupied, there are plenty of alternative places around South Campus, so your trip won’t be wasted!

Third Floor of Jordan Hall

This spot took an entire semester for me to find, but it quickly became one of my favorites. This room is located on the top floor of Jordan Hall. The ceiling and almost all the walls are covered in windows (this can be seen from the outside area of Starbucks.) A lot of light always fills this room, but my favorite days are when it rains, and I feel as though I’m secluded in a small igloo during a storm. Along with the excellent views of campus, this room was just newly furnished with couches, tables, and whiteboards.

These spots are just a few of my personal favorite discoveries after a semester and a half on campus. Be sure to continue exploring our beautiful University and uncover what could soon become your ideal study space!