The Butler University College of Communication (CCOM) will serve as the new home to the Indiana Journalism Hall of Fame’s (IJHF) day-to-day operations and archives. 

The IJHF will lease space on Butler’s campus in the Fairbanks Center for Communications, home of CCOM, allowing the non-profit organization to not only continue its mission “to recognize and honor those individuals who have demonstrated over a number of years that they are journalists of the highest distinction; that their dedication and contribution to journalism have in turn contributed to the regard others have for journalism; that their contributions to journalism have had a significant impact on the political, social, economic or cultural life of their communities,” but to provide a valuable source of journalistic history to benefit Butler’s students and faculty. 

“CCOM is excited to welcome the Indiana Journalism Hall of Fame into our wonderful Fairbanks Center of Communication,” said Joe Valenzano, Dean of CCOM. “We strive to be cutting edge in everything we do and teach, but it is equally important to respect and learn from the past. Having the IJHF here provides another unique element to a Butler CCOM education.” 

The IJHF, which annually inducts active, working journalists as well as those with past careers, has begun moving in and is expected to be situated in its new home by the end of September. Lawrence P. Taylor, IJHF’s Executive Director, will oversee the move and continue to run the daily operations; Stephanie Salter, IJHF President, signed the official agreement. 

“When a win-win opportunity comes along, it’s best to grab it and thank the gods,” Salter said. “On behalf of the board of the Indiana Journalism Hall of Fame, gratitude abounds for our new home at Butler University. Since its founding in 1966, the IJHF has inducted more than 250 outstanding Hoosier journalists, many of them Butler alumni. Butler College of Communication Dean Joe Valenzano and Provost Brooke Barnett have made it clear they understand the value of adding the IJHF to the university’s already rich and prestigious array of partners. Indiana’s Hall of Fame journalists couldn’t have found a better home.” 

The physical presence of IJHF will empower students, faculty, and alumni to engage with an abundant collection of archives and the opportunity to meet and learn from members of the organization. 

“We stress experiential learning in every area of CCOM, so this is yet another great resource for our students, especially our aspiring journalists and media creators,” Lee Farquhar, Director of the Butler’s School of Journalism and Creative Media, said. 

Experiential opportunities will also present themselves through this partnership via guest lectures on campus and festivities surrounding the annual IJHF induction ceremony in the Spring of 2024. This year will mark the 57th such event. 

The Indiana Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists established the IJHF in 1966 at DePauw University in Greencastle. Indiana University has housed IJHF since 2010. 

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