The Blue Crew student creator team is a social media ambassador program that aims to feature an up-front look at Butler student life straight from the student’s point of view. 

Grace Hensley
Marketing major, Strategic Communication: Public Relations & Advertising minor
St. Louis, Missouri

What’s the best thing about being a Bulldog?
The best thing about being a Bulldog is the sense of pride I have when I tell people I go to Butler. When I’m not in class, I’m on the lacrosse field. If I’m not playing lacrosse, I can be found editing photos in The Butler Collegian office. If I’m not editing photos, I can be found studying in Dugan Hall or spending time with friends at my sorority house, Kappa Kappa Gamma. I’m grateful that at Butler, I have found a place where I can be 100 percent myself and explore various passions.

What’s your favorite student activity?
My favorite activity on campus is taking photos at campus sporting events. I love the thrill of capturing a screaming, packed basketball crowd at Hinkle or taking pictures of the marching band during halftime at a football game. Taking one of my passions and sharing it with the Butler community is special to me.

Which faculty member has inspired you the most and why? 
The faculty member who has inspired me most thus far at Butler is Hilary Buttrick, the Associate Dean of the Lacy School of Business. I was fortunate to have her as a professor in the Legal Environment of Business course during my sophomore year. Her class was always engaging, and you could tell that she genuinely wanted each student to succeed. Every time I pass her around campus, she never fails to say hello and greet me with a smile. To this day, I know that if I need help with anything or just need to chat, her door is open.

What do you want to do upon graduation? 
Following graduation, I want to spend the summer traveling around Europe. As for my professional career, I will be working at Eli Lilly as a marketing intern this coming summer. I am passionate about all things related to marketing, public relations, and digital media and aim to apply these characteristics in a professional role after leaving Butler. I am also interested in pursuing my MBA a few years after graduation.

Why were you interested in the ambassador program?
I was interested in applying for the ambassador program because it is a great way to share what I know and love with the Butler and greater Indianapolis community. This program will help me broaden my reach on campus, and I look forward to sharing all of the fantastic opportunities that Butler has allowed me to partake in with those around me.

What kind of content are you most excited to make?
I am most excited to make content for social media, especially Instagram and TikTok. Social media is powerful because it can reach people worldwide and share the amazing opportunities students can find at Butler. If my experience helps at least one person find Butler, my work in the ambassador program is a success!