The Blue Crew student-creator team is a social media ambassador program that aims to feature an up-front look at Butler student life straight from the student’s point of view. 

Grace Nielsen
Strategic Communication: Public Relations & Advertising major
Lake Villa, Illinois

What’s the best thing about being a Bulldog?
The best thing about being a Bulldog is the endless support from the Butler community. Faculty members, students, and alumni are kind and willing to share any information or guidance they can. A helping hand is always ready to assist inside or outside the classroom. There are endless opportunities to succeed at Butler. 

What’s your favorite student activity?
My favorite student activity is being a part of the dance team. The dance team has provided me with countless opportunities to show my school spirit. I love attending all the various sporting events to cheer. At Butler, there are many ways to show your Bulldog pride and get involved on campus. 

What’s your favorite spot on campus?
My favorite spot on campus is the historic Hinkle Fieldhouse. Hinkle magic is real and undeniable as soon as you set foot inside the building.

Which faculty member has inspired you the most and why?
A faculty member who has inspired me most is my coach, Paige Camp. She is passionate about each athlete and ensures we are cared for mentally and physically. She is an ER nurse, in addition to coaching at Butler. Her grace, dedication to the team, and her enthusiasm for Butler inspire me. 

Why were you interested in the ambassador program?
I was interested in the ambassador program because of my love for Butler. As someone who just went through the process of picking a college, I know how hard and stressful it can feel. I want to show other prospective students how amazing Butler is and help make their college decision easier. 

What kind of content are you most excited to make? 
I’m most excited to create short video content. I love developing new and clever ways to get ideas across through videos.