You only have to spend a few minutes with Butler student Adam Bantz ’17 to know that he is a go-getter. He’s immersed himself in many extracurricular activities including Butler’s Ambassadors of Change program, Student Government Association (SGA), Butler University Students Foundation (BUSF), and still finds time to work as a tour guide showing prospective Butler students just how amazing campus life truly is. He’s getting the most out of the Butler student experience, and he’s planning a career to make sure future college students do as well. 

Bantz is on the path to what he deems as a fulfilling future career in Student Affairs—a talking point that seems to have created a permanent smile on his face. 

But Student Affairs wasn’t always the plan. 

When Bantz switched his major from Pharmacy to Strategic Communication two years ago, his parents were worried that he was “giving up an opportunity.” His response: “It’s not an opportunity if you don’t find the outcome personally rewarding.” 

Bantz has always been the type to quickly get involved. His immersion in student groups on campus is what sparked what Adam refers to as the “typical Student Affairs epiphany.” He explained no student enters college knowing they want to go into Student Affairs, but involvement in out-of-classroom experiences can lead some students to the realization that they, like their mentors, can help create life changing experiences for future college students. In this regard, Adam clearly feels he “fell into Student Affairs.” 

“People don’t realize all of the intricate details of Student Affairs and all the work that goes into making the University function the way it does,” Bantz explained. “I think being a part of that in general, and providing the same level of experience I’ve had at Butler for future college students is really cool.”

Since his epiphany, Bantz has been interning in both University Events and the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs to gain more experience in his future career field. Even with a busy internship schedule, Bantz has found time to serve as the President for the Interfraternity Council, a member of SGA’s Marketing and Communication Board, and as a mentor for GEAR—Greek Educators, Advocates, and Resources.

Meg Haggerty, Associate Director in the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, and Bantz’s internship advisor, commented that he has been one of the most insightful and inquisitive students she’s worked with. Furthermore, Haggerty explained that Bantz is using his hands-on student affairs internship to bridge his social involvement on campus with his academic education to maximize his future career and post-graduate work opportunities. 

“All of Adam’s involvement has been, in some way, a touchstone or area of engagement in Student Affairs,” Haggerty said. “It only makes sense with all of his participation as an undergraduate that he would find passion and love for a career mentoring future students in a similar way.”