Faculty-In-Residence are full-time Butler faculty members who live on campus in one of three residence halls: Residential College, Irvington House, and Fairview House. These are faculty who are committed to students and the learning experience that takes place outside of the classroom, planning and implementing educational and social initiatives within the residence halls.

Karina Hamamouche
Assistant Professor of Psychology

Why did you decide to become a Faculty-In-Residence (FIR)?
As a professor, I have always been interested in being actively engaged in every aspect of campus life. My family and I love attending campus events ranging from Butler Basketball to the Butler Ballet. Attending these events has been an important way for me to show students that I support learning inside and outside of the classroom. Becoming a FIR seemed like the ideal way to be fully invested in campus life. I first learned about the FIR program as a college student. Although I commuted to Butler, I enjoyed attending FIR events with my friends who lived in Schwitzer Hall. When I accepted a position in the Psychology department, I immediately began emailing Student Affairs staff to determine if they were looking for a FIR for the upcoming year.

How do students, especially first-year students, benefit from a FIR? 
The transition to college can be challenging—you may be moving to a new place, meeting new people, taking more difficult classes, and figuring out who you are. FIRs are just one of the resources available on campus to make this transition easier. Attending FIR events can help you identify a campus mentor, while also helping you build community in the residence hall. Some FIR events even occur off-campus, which gives students an opportunity to explore the Indianapolis area.

What types of activities or opportunities do you plan for your residents?
I like to plan a variety of events ranging from seeing the Nutcracker to a make your own ice cream sundae bar. I also enjoy collaborating with other departments and clubs on campus to create new events. For example, last fall, Director of the First Year Experience, Nii Abrahams, and I planned a campus-wide trick-or-treating event. Collaborating with RAs and students in the residence hall has been incredibly helpful in planning events that the residents want to attend. If you have an idea for an event, be sure to share it with your FIR!

What advice would you give a first-year student about connecting with their FIR?
Come to our events and say hi! I know approaching a professor can be daunting, but we truly want to meet you. I regularly leave my apartment door open and love when students say hi as they are passing through the hallway. An open door is an open invitation to connect.