Annamarie Kushnir
International Studies major, French, Economics, International Business minors
Park Ridge, IL

Meet Annamarie, a student in Butler’s Honors Program who has taken part in one-of-a-kind Honors opportunities. The Honors Program is for those who think for themselves, want hands-on learning and research, and are ready to earn a diploma with magna or summa cum laude honors. Read on to hear from Annamarie about her Honors story.

What has been the best part about being an Honors Student at Butler?
The most valuable aspect of Butler’s Honors Program is its capacity to provide students with opportunities for success that extend beyond the classroom. The program emphasizes analytical comprehension and the ability to dive deeper into subjects, which challenges students to evaluate the world through unique perspectives. 

Not only has the program encouraged me to enroll in captivating classes, but it also enabled me to continue to pursue research within my area of interest. During my junior year, I presented a thesis proposal on my desired topic of research and now, during my senior year, have the opportunity to create an extensive project on my findings from the previous year.

Which Honors Program faculty member has inspired you the most and why?
I don’t have a specific faculty member in mind because I believe all of them have helped me transfer knowledge from the classroom into practical, real-world scenarios. This has left me feeling better equipped to embrace new challenges and responsibilities as an independent adult. 

The Honor Program’s faculty all genuinely care and support their students, which is reflected in how they constantly are seeing to the success of us students.

What advice would you give someone who is considering Butler’s Honors Program? 
Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself! There is always room to sharpen your mind and skills. Individuals often associate “honors” with difficult classes and unbearable workloads, but that isn’t true. This program is meant to help you discover unique approaches to thinking, and most importantly, it’s meant to unlock your greatest potential as a student! Take the chance to learn more about the world—and yourself—because there is always room to grow.

How would you describe the Honors Program’s community?
I would describe it as determined. The program is composed of students from diverse backgrounds who each have a strong desire to achieve their goals—whether that’s academically or professionally. I have found that when I am around motivated individuals, it propels me to positively reflect those traits, too.