Clifton Winiecki
Finance and Applied Business Technology double major 
Westfield, Indiana

Butler’s Honors Program provides unique opportunities, fosters a sense of community, and helps to create lifelong learners. Meet Clifton, a Butler junior and Honors Program student who has taken his educational journey to big places on campus and around the world.

What’s the best Honors class you’ve taken?
My favorite Honors class has been a course called, “Women in Modern Afghanistan.” We learned about both the history and modern day conditions of women in the country of Afghanistan. This class was taught by Dr. Ayoubi who shared her experiences in the country. She also brought in a guest speaker who shared their personal stories, too. It was an outstanding course!

What’s the best part about being an Honors student at Butler?
I’ve had the opportunity to research and create an Honors thesis from the ground up. Though challenging, it’s been a great experience that’s improved my research and writing skills. I’ve received help from an advisor and in the end know that it will become a product I’ll look back on proudly. 

What experiences has Butler’s Honors Program offered you?
The Honors Program gave me the unique opportunity to study abroad in Germany. The Bulldogs to Berlin course that I was a part of inspired me to further my German language studies once returning to the US. 

Which Honors Program faculty member has inspired you the most?
A faculty member that has inspired me in big ways is Dr. Etzler. After I studied abroad in Germany, she inspired me to get back into learning German at Butler. Because of Dr. Etzler, I want to visit Germany again and take more language classes. 

If you had to describe the Honors Program in one word, what would it be?
One word to describe Butler’s Honors Program would be “ambitious.” The Honors community is full of people who want to achieve a lot of great things. Whenever new opportunities or experiences are presented to the Honors community, we always take full advantage!

What do you want to do upon graduation?
When I graduate, I would like to build a career within the finance industry and later build a business that will outlast myself. In addition to career-related goals, after graduation, I hope to travel more and see life in different parts of the world.