Hometown: Columbus, Indiana
Major: Health Sciences, Chemistry (Pre-Med)
Minor: Film Studies
Co-curricular activities: Butler Honors Mentor, Butler Student Ambassador, Morton-Finney Diversity Scholar, Multicultural Mentor, Resident Assistant

Butler is such a great community and is full of genuine people—students, faculty, and staff alike—who want to see you grow. There is so much support and everyone wants to see you succeed. I especially love attending all of the diversity, equity, and inclusion events. You always learn something, get to meet new people, and of course enjoy free food.

Outside of Butler being such a warm and supportive community, our campus is also visually stunning. My favorite spot to study or just relax in is Holcomb Gardens. I love to sit in the gazebo, eat a snack and enjoy the view. While at the gardens, you can also hop on the Central Canal Towpath and walk or ride your bike to Broad Ripple, which is one of my favorite things to do. I’m obsessed with trying every ice cream place near campus, and so far, my favorites have been BRICS and Wyliepalooza.