Name: Andrea  Marchi
Hometown: Imperia, Italy
Intended Major: Mathematics and Physics
Graduation year: 2024

Butler University is excited to welcome an exceptional group of transfer students this coming fall. Read on to get to know incoming transfer student Andrea Marchi.

Why are you transferring to Butler University?
I chose Butler because it immediately gave me the impression that the professors and staff really care about the education of their students.

What were you involved with during your first year of college?
In my two years at Bakersfield College, I worked as a tutor in Mathematics, Physics, and Philosophy, as a volunteer peer mentor for first-year college students, a student scholar at the Renegade Institute for Liberty at Bakersfield College, and in a summer research program in Physics at the California State University Bakersfield. I also worked as a STEM leader for the MESA and as a Supplemental Instructor (SI) in Mathematics. Because of COVID, in my last year, I have created a Discord Server for Math students where they can come and ask for help 24/7. In this project, I managed to involve hundreds of students and professors who agreed to volunteer for the project.

How did you initially hear about Butler and what interested you in the University?
The first time I heard about Butler was when I was still living in Italy, and the images of the miracle of the NCAA finals reached us. Then, after a few years, when choosing which university to complete my undergraduate studies, I got to see Butler not only for their excellent sports program but also, and foremost, for the quality of its education and the passion of their students.

If you’ve visited Butler, when did you first visit?
I only visited the campus once, and it was a planned guided tour. Luckily I had to the honor to meet Blue IV right in front of the building where the guided tour started.

What is your favorite part about Butler so far?
Butler’s people. I have applied to many public and private universities from west to east coast. Still, Butler was the only school who immediately gave me the impression of interacting with people who care about their students.

What are you most excited about?
More or less everything, I’m eager to get started now instead of having to wait. I’ve already started looking at the math classes I should take in the next few years. I’m also excited to take some classes in Astrophysics and possibly use the observatory telescope.

What are you most nervous about ?
Being used to the Mediterranean climate and that of Southern California, I would say the cold. However, I hope I can get used to the winter climate of the Midwest. Give me a few months for this.