Ethan Sickels ’22
Hometown: Carmel, IN
Major: Accounting

Why did you transfer to Butler University? 
At my previous institution, I felt like I was just a number. It was very difficult to develop relationships with professors and get individual attention or make meaningful connections with people in your classes. I transferred to Butler because of the relationships that I knew I would be able to develop. I went to a small high school where relationships with students and teachers were valuable, and I saw Butler was the place for that.

How did you initially hear about Butler and what interested you in the University?
Growing up only about 30 minutes from Butler, it was always a school I had on my list of colleges. The main thing that interested me was the size of the school and the campus. Having an interconnected community is something that I really enjoyed about my high school and I saw a lot of that in Butler.

What were you involved with at your previous institution? 
During my first two years at my last college, I was involved in intramural basketball and two clubs through the business school. Getting involved early helped show me what I want to do after college and helped me meet some like-minded people.

What is your favorite part about Butler?
My favorite part about Butler is the fact that everyone is actually interested in being a part of the community in whatever role that is. During my interactions at Butler so far, everyone has been invested in helping me, and students are much more engaged in classes. Butler’s smaller size contributes a lot to that.

What were you most looking forward to at Butler?
I was most excited about meeting new people and doing things like club sports or going to basketball games. So I was looking forward to getting involved in some clubs that could connect me with people that have the same interests as me. I wanted to be a lot more involved in the school than just going to classes and getting work done.