Maggie Conlon
Hometown: Brookfield, Wisconsin
Intended Major: Marketing

Butler University is excited to welcome an exceptional group of first-year students this coming fall. Read on to get to know Maggie Conlon, one member of the Class of 2024.

Tell us a little bit about your high school experience.

In high school, I participated in lots of extracurriculars. I played tennis for three years, I led Best Buddies and Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and I also loved being a part of DECA and volunteering clubs!

How did you initially hear about Butler, and what interested you in the University?

I first heard about Butler from my sister because she attends the University. What really interested me in Butler was when Trip came to our house and surprised my sister after she was admitted! It wasn’t only Trip’s cuteness that intrigued me, but also how personable Butler was to surprise my sister with a visit!

Then, I first visited Butler in August 2017 on the day that my sister moved into her residence hall. It was such an amazing atmosphere to be in because everyone was so excited to be at college. What really impressed me was how helpful the University was with the move-in process and the activities and events for families to attend over the move-in weekend.

What is your favorite part about Butler?
What I love most about Butler is the Lacy School of Business. Not only is the brand-new building incredible, but also the opportunities for students are unique. I am so excited to take the First Year Business Experience and Real Business Experience classes because instead of just listening to a lecture, I’ll be able to be hands-on in class and run a business.

Why did you choose to attend college here?
When I was going through the college search process, I would look at key features that each school had, such as the location, class sizes, opportunities for my major, and the friendliness of students and staff. When I would talk to my parents about the schools I was looking at, they would all fall short of something in one of those categories except for Butler. I compared every school to Butler, and no other school had what Butler had: a campus located near a big city, small class sizes allowing for connections with professors, an incredible business program, and a place where students would hold the door open for me as I explored the campus.

What do you hope to major or minor in?
I am planning on majoring in Marketing and minoring in Creative Media and Entertainment.

What are you most excited about?
I look forward to joining a faith-based organization, Special Olympics or Best Buddies, Greek Life, and some other extracurriculars. I am also excited to join the caring Butler community on campus with the new friends I make and with the professors I have for class. And of course, I am also excited to see Butler Blue IV around campus!