Marissa Flannery
Hometown: Fairport, NY
Intended Major: Middle/Secondary Social Studies Education

Butler University is excited to welcome an exceptional group of first-year students this coming fall. Read on to get to know Marissa Flannery, one member of the Class of 2024.

What were you involved with during high school?

During high school, I was involved with my school’s National Honors Society, as well as our Spanish National Honors Society (SNHS). I also wrote for my school’s newspaper during my time there, and was an Asset Leader (a community volunteer) in the Fairport Schools. When I wasn’t at school or clubs, I was dancing at my studio. I was dancing five nights a week and couldn’t have been happier.

How did you initially hear about Butler?

I heard of Butler through my older brother. He is two years older than me, and when he was choosing a college, he took a great interest in Butler, so much so that he went there! Once I learned more information about the University, I began to feel like this was a place where people weren’t just another face in the crowd. Butler approaches students and families in such a personal and individualized way, and that is what I found so interesting about it.

What is your favorite part about Butler?

My favorite part about Butler is the on-campus environment. Yes, the nature at Butler is beautiful, but I’m talking about the community there. You can’t walk into Butler and feel like a little fish in the ocean, or feel like there’s no one to notice if you need help with something. The people at this school are there to support each and every one of us. From professors and administrators, to advisors and fellow Bulldogs, the sense of community and family is undeniable, and that is my absolute favorite part of Butler. Positivity is everywhere.

Why did you choose Butler?

There are so many reasons! One is the College of Education. The resources available and the plan to prepare me for my future in my profession blew me away! Another reason is the size of Butler. It’s a school that isn’t so big that you feel overwhelmed, but isn’t too small to the point where I’m reliving my high school classes! Lastly, I chose Butler because when I walked on other college campuses, I didn’t get the same feeling that I did at Butler. It may sound cheesy, but there definitely was that moment of, “Yup, this is the one.” 

What do you hope to major or minor in?

I will be majoring in Middle/Secondary Education in Social Studies with a minor in Spanish.

What do you hope to get involved with or be a part of at Butler?

I definitely want to take part in a volunteer club. Within the College of Education, I know there are a lot of volunteer tutoring opportunities within the Indianapolis Public School system, which I am looking forward to! I would like to take part in Greek Life and join clubs that keep me active and allow me to meet new people. Maybe the Dance Team could be an option, too!

What are you most excited about?

I’m most excited about starting this new chapter of my life in a community that is so special. I’m eager to meet new people and learn from Butler professors! The memories and relationships I’ll make is what makes me so excited for my time there. Also, I’ve met Trip but have yet to meet Butler Blue IV, so I’m looking forward to meeting that little guy!