Name: Adrian Montes
Hometown: Indianapolis, IN
Major/Minor: Health Sciences

Butler University is excited to welcome a group of bright first-year students this fall. Learn more about Adrian Montes and why he chose Butler.

What were you involved with during high school? Please provide a few details about your involvement.

I was involved with cross country, track and field, orchestra, National Honor Society, Tri-M Honor Society, and Spanish Honor Society. With cross country and track and field, I enjoyed being surrounded by some of my greatest friends and giving it our all with every practice and meet. We built a team bond unlike any other where we stood alongside one another as brothers in order to tackle everything together. With orchestra, I cooperated with my teacher and classmates every year to put on the best performances for our families and the Indiana School State Music Association. Although I made the decision to not continue orchestra in college, I still value the six years of hard work, leadership, and perseverance I received when I was involved. Finally, the honor societies I was involved in, helped me develop important principles like selflessness, service, and leadership. They allowed me to give back to my community and realize how much I enjoy helping others in any way I can. 

How did you first hear about Butler and what interested you in the University?
Starting my senior year, I had no idea where I wanted to go to college because I was stuck on what I truly wanted to do for the rest of my life. For a while, I only limited my options to public schools because I told myself that private schools would be too expensive. However, after some talks with my friends, I decided to open up my search to private institutions and found Butler. The aspects of Butler that interested me were the close proximity to my home and the recognition as the No.1 regional university in the Midwest.

What is your favorite part about Butler?
 My favorite part about Butler is the overall environment it possesses. On my first visit to Butler, I remember walking with my tour guide and seeing many people reach out to her throughout the whole campus tour. It supported what she said about there being a tight-knit, friendly community at the University. Also, I prefer Butler’s small campus compared to the large, almost overwhelming campuses in Indiana. It managed to own the same student spirit as those schools while being a small yet supportive community.

Why did you ultimately decide to choose Butler?
When it came down to choosing my college, a couple of factors prompted me to become a Dawg. First, the University is fairly close to my home. Even though I plan to experience life on-campus, I know that the close proximity will allow me to be with family throughout college. Also, the Butler Bound tour allowed me to understand the academic success I can work towards in the Health Sciences program. Since I ultimately want to be in the medical field, I learned that this program will allow me to discover all aspects of the industry while giving me time to choose the specialty that I ultimately want to pursue. Finally, I know that at Butler, I will experience a more personalized education than if I were to go to a public school in Indiana. Butler manages to have that “big school” feel while being on a small campus, which is something I appreciate.

What do you hope to get involved with or be a part of at Butler?
I hope to join a few clubs at Butler in order to meet new people and have enjoyable experiences alongside my studies. One club that I have my eyes set on is Run Club. It will allow me to have a group of people to share the love for running that I have grown to have. 

What are you most excited about?
I am most excited to have a sense of independence while being at Butler. Despite sounding cliché, I believe that being away from what I am used to will allow me to discover new aspects of myself and grow into a better person.