Name: Caroline Tomasello 
Hometown: Edwardsburg, Michigan
Major/Minor: Biology

What were you involved with during high school? Please provide a few details about your involvement.
In high school, I was involved in multiple AP classes, Science Olympiad, SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions), National Honor Society, and Student Council. I was the Senior Student Class Secretary for the council. I also volunteered for multiple programs such as my high school’s food drive and “Operation Christmas,” which funded less fortunate families and their children during the holiday season. I also volunteered my time as a coach for the 5th and 6th-grade girls’ volleyball team.

How did you first hear about Butler and what interested you in the University?
I first heard about Butler from my elementary school music teacher (Thanks Miss Alonzo!). I was “reinterested” in Butler after I received mail from the University and decided to take a tour of the campus in the early spring. 

What is your favorite part about Butler?
My favorite part about Butler is its small and close-feeling atmosphere. I feel a huge sense of community and I’m excited to join the undergraduate class. I can’t wait to explore the new opportunities that are available to me and how I can also serve this community. 

Why did you ultimately decide to choose Butler?
I ultimately chose Butler because of not only its distance to home but programs that I’m interested in. I’m excited about the possibility of pursuing the highly regarded Pharmacy program or the Physicians Assistant program. 

What do you hope to get involved with or be a part of at Butler?
I hope to be involved in service or volunteer organizations at Butler. I also plan on joining a sorority. and would love to find time for club sports.

What are you most excited about?
I am most excited about finding a new group of people I can share my college years with. This also includes being exposed to great professors who want to see me thrive and grow in their classes. I also can’t wait to meet Blue IV!