Name: Luisa Hungria
Hometown: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 
Intended Major(s): International Business and Risk Management & Insurance 

What were you involved with during high school? 
During high school I was highly involved with community service activities that gave me the opportunity to leave a positive mark within my community. For instance, the Christmas party for the AID For AIDS Charity, where kids and their families were brought joy and peace through fun games, gift-baskets, and toys, truly served as a gifting experience for both them and all of the staff involved. Another thrilling experience was the “Teachers For a Day” program, where (us) the senior class went and took on the roles of teachers at a public school located in the municipality of Bayaguana, Monte Plata province, Dominican Republic. From my personal experience, I taught English to a third-grade class full of creative and energetic students with a passion and eagerness to learn. My goal was to teach them something entirely new and make it fun for them to remember. I was also a writer for the school’s newspaper, an experience that taught me about the importance of capturing those special moments and turning them into outstanding pieces for our readers to remember. 

How did you first hear about Butler? 
When I first began my college search, my brother, who has lived in Indianapolis for the past decade, suggested Butler because of its outstanding Dance program and its academic opportunities for all of its students. A sudden curiosity about Butler came to me one day, and I started doing major research about the university. When I learned about all the on campus activities and clubs, student life, internship opportunities, and study abroad programs, I fell completely in love with the idea of becoming part of the Butler community.

Why did you choose Butler? 
Choosing Butler came down to a set of different factors including academic interests, a sense of welcome, financial aid, and professional opportunities. Butler has shown to be a great place for students coming from entirely different backgrounds who are looking for growth opportunities on a personal, academic, and  professional level. I could confirm its emphasis on diversity as well as providing a welcoming environment for all its students through the Morton-Finney Diversity Scholars program. As an international student, it has always been important for me to find a place where students coming from different backgrounds are well received. 

Another highly important factor is Butler’s interest towards the student’s personal and professional growth. For instance, the Lacy School of Business offers great opportunities that contribute to the student’s growth and development, such as the internships and the Real Business Experience. 

What do you hope to get involved with on campus? 
I am looking forward to joining several clubs and organizations belonging to the Efroymson Diversity Center, such as the International Club, the Latinx Student Union, and Advocates 4 Autism. As a Morton-Finney Diversity Scholar, I want to become an active participant and leader on many events within and outside campus. Regarding business-related events, I am looking forward to attending as many networking events, job and internship fairs, and conferences as possible. I truly want to seize all the opportunities that Butler offers for its students to grow personally and professionally. Lastly, I would also like to be part of Butler’s Catholic Community in order to actively keep practicing my faith. 

What are you most excited about? 
I am mostly excited for all the new people that I will meet, attending as many on campus events as possible, and exploring the city of Indianapolis. Something else that I am truly excited about is the possibility of doing a study abroad experience and getting to travel to new places while also studying. Through Butler’s community service programs and events, I hope to be able to leave a positive mark within the Indianapolis community and to cause a positive impact in the lives of many people. The countdown has already begun for me to arrive soon to my home away from home.