Imagine for a moment that you could create your own personal college. It would be focused on your particular needs. It would have professors who knew you and shared your passions. Classes would be closer to interesting conversations with a small group of friends than long lectures with dozens of strangers. And help would always be right next door. That’s a close description of Butler University. Learn more about how we take your education personally. 

Christopher Stobart
Associate Professor, Biology 

How have your students encouraged, inspired, or influenced you?
Our Butler students continue to inspire me every day. They constantly bring new ideas and energy into the classroom and this passion and love for learning creates an atmosphere where everyone benefits. I have learned so much from our students and they have helped me learn and explore more about both science and being an educator.

Why is mentoring important for college students?
Mentoring is crucial to success for college students. It is extremely difficult to jump into college at 18 years old and have everything figured out. Often, our students won’t find their future careers until they discover them through positive internships, volunteer activities, or classroom experiences. We do our best to support our students and their success both in and out of the classroom to ensure that from the moment our students walk through the door, they have the mentorship they need to aim high and find what they need. 

What advice would you give a prospective student who’s considering Butler University?
Butler has a great balance of size and opportunities for high school students to transition to college and flourish. Think about what type of education you are used to: small class sizes, a tight knit community of teachers and students, fun extracurricular activities, and access to family and friends when needed. Butler offers all of these things and more. I encourage you to talk to our current students and alumni, many of the latter didn’t want to leave after their experiences here. 

George Papadeas
Biology and Chemistry double major
Greenwood Village, Colorado

What has surprised you the most about your relationship with your professor? 
What has surprised me most about my relationship with Dr. Stobart is how it has blossomed into a friendship. A friendship not in the sense of one that I would share with a peer, but rather one between a mentor and mentee. When I first started working in his lab, I understood the benefit of doing so, but didn’t know how fun and exciting it would be. Dr. Stobart was just as invested in getting to know me as he was in our work. 

Why did you choose Butler?
I chose Butler because I knew that I wanted to succeed in life after college and a school such as Butler was the place to do that. I knew that I would not just become a number here and the University would care about my growth. Butler also provided a big school feel by having renowned sports and academics. I knew that with these two things coupled together I would receive the tools, socially and academically, to thrive and do well. While I was nervous at first to Butler, I can now say confidently that I would not be in the position of success that I am today without the University and every member that I have interacted with along my journey. 

What advice would you give a prospective student who’s considering Butler University?
Be open to each and every experience and opportunity that you are presented with. This will allow you to grow as a person and become more well-rounded.