Imagine for a moment that you could create your own personal college. It would be focused on your particular needs. It would have professors who knew you and shared your passions. Classes would be closer to interesting conversations with a small group of friends than long lectures with dozens of strangers. And help would always be right next door. That’s a close description of Butler University. Learn more about how we take your education personally.

Mikaela Drake
Associate Professor, Health Sciences

How have your students encouraged, inspired, or influenced you?
My experiences of walking through life’s hard moments with students has helped me become a better person. Butler students are relentless and steadfast in their pursuit of greatness. It’s impossible to not feel inspired in their presence.

What advice would you give a prospective student who’s considering Butler University?
My hope for any Butler student is that we feel like home to you. That you feel welcomed, supported, and noticed here. At Butler, we care about our community. My advice is to come visit campus. Walk into the buildings. Interact with the humans. Feel the buzzing energy.

Alli Leonard
Health Sciences major, Chemistry and Spanish minors
Troy, Michigan

How has your professor encouraged, inspired, or influenced you? 
Dr. Drake has been the greatest resource of support for me at Butler. She is constantly searching for different ways to help her students and allow them to reach their goals in college and in life. Her kindness and care goes beyond the classroom, which has inspired me to do the same to my peers.

How have you grown as a result of the connections with your professor?
I have grown in so many different ways, including being more confident in myself. College can be challenging and having someone to talk to and get advice from has allowed me to thrive and succeed. 

Why did you choose Butler?
I chose Butler because of the excellent academics and small class sizes. The location and facilities at Butler are also very nice and new. I feel as though the challenging courses and ability to meet with professors and ask them questions due to the smaller class sizes is what separates Butler from most other schools. The Health Sciences program encompasses a huge range of different topics and I knew it would prepare me the best for my future career. Along with that, I am on the Butler Women’s Soccer Team and I was interested in the intense competition that was offered.