Imagine for a moment that you could create your own personal college. It would be focused on your particular needs. It would have professors who knew you and shared your passions. Classes would be closer to interesting conversations with a small group of friends than long lectures with dozens of strangers. And help would always be right next door. That’s a close description of Butler University. Learn more about how we take your education personally.

Derek Reid
Professor, Dance

Why is mentoring important for college students?
Mentoring is important because it helps students to shift through all of the different opportunities that are on a college campus while also maintaining a focus towards your goal, which is hopefully a degree in a specific subject.

What advice would you give a prospective student who’s considering Butler University?
We have a community here. It’s a small university, where the students know the professors and the professors know the students. In Jordan College of the Arts, we are challenging the students to develop their artistry, and to develop specific techniques. But they can also just remove themselves into a studio or into a practice room and focus on their art, and that makes JCA a really unique place: where you’ve got artists that are working to become better citizens.

We are really serious about what we do here; we’re serious about our art, we’re serious about our community and I think if you really embrace that process then Butler would be a really great place for you to go.

Scholar Idjagboro
Dance Performance
Westminster, Maryland

How have your professors encouraged, inspired, or influenced you? 
Having close relationships with your professors is one of the best things about Butler. The professors are so helpful—if I need to discuss anything they’re always there.

The community here is also wonderful. I remember when I auditioned—when I walked in I felt like I already had so much support and everyone welcomed me with open arms. 

How have you grown as a result of the connections with your professors?
The professors here are so understanding and they all work together to make sure your education is amazing. In the Butler Dance Department, you have so many opportunities to perform and it’s really helped me grow as a dancer. Being here has really changed the way I move, the way I approach dance, and the way I think artistically.

What advice would you give a prospective student who’s considering Butler University?
Butler is a wonderful community full of support. Make sure you take every opportunity given to you—just go for it—because you never know where it will end up taking you.