Team unity, embracing the growth process, executing well-thought-out plays and demonstrating toughness in every circumstance—those are some of the traits required to play basketball at Butler University—and to succeed in life, according to the new book Lead Like Butler (Abingdon Press).

Through interviews with coaches, players, and alumni, Indianapolis clergyman Kent Millard and Judith Cebula, director of Butler’s Center for Faith and Vocation, explore the six leadership values taught by the entire coaching staff at Butler University. Each chapter of the book helps readers discover how these values form a solid foundation for anyone striving for success in life’s journey.

Much of the attention is focused on head coach Brad Stevens, who coaches according to a set of six values-based principles broadly known as The Butler Way: humility, passion, unity, service, thankfulness, and accountability.

Millard, retired senior pastor of St. Luke’s United Methodist Church in Indianapolis, holds up Butler men’s basketball as a model for others to emulate. He writes that whether you work with a leadership team at your place of employment, strive to build a strong family, or train with others to achieve your goals, the values of humility, passion, unity, service, thankfulness, and accountability can help you shape your group into a successful example.


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