Megan Strait ’23
Majors: Oboe Performance and Music Education
Hometown: Greenwood, Indiana

Thinking about sticking close to home for college, but don’t know if applying to Butler is right for you? You might be surprised to learn that many students from Central Indiana choose to attend college in or near their hometown, but they still can very much have that college experience… and not feel like they haven’t left their own backyard.

We chatted with sophomore Megan Strait, who grew up in Greenwood, Indiana, just 20 minutes away from campus. Learn more about her experience choosing a college that’s close to home.

What first attracted you to Butler?

I grew up going to see The Nutcracker at Clowes, so I already knew a lot about Butler. I’d been there many times before, and it was just a beautiful campus that I really loved. I definitely wanted to be able to spend more time there.

What were your initial thoughts about attending a college close to home?

I talked to my parents a lot about the proximity (most of the colleges I applied to were fairly close to home), so I just worked with them to set boundaries for them and for myself about the amount of time I would come home. Just because I was on a campus close to home didn’t necessarily mean that I had to go home all the time.

Did you have any concerns that it wouldn’t feel like you were going away to school?

I did have some concerns: That my parents would want me to come home all the time, and that because I’ve spent so much time in the Indianapolis area, it wouldn’t feel like I was branching out. But when I got to Butler, I started meeting people from all over the place (I’m the only one from my high school graduating class attending Butler), so it really felt like a whole new environment.

Even with your prior familiarity with Butler, did anything surprise you about your experiences?

I was surprised that I didn’t go home as often as I thought I would. But I was so busy with my classes, activities, and friends, I didn’t even notice the distance from home because I was so wrapped up in everything I was doing at school. It kind of shocked me.

You mentioned you were afraid your parents would visit too much. Did that happen?

Yes. Well… a little bit. But because of my major, the short distance has allowed my parents to come to every one of my performances on campus, and honestly, I wouldn’t trade that. My friends will come to my performances, and that’s great, but it’s not quite the same as having my mom who’s heard me since I was a sixth-grade oboist squeaking out, to now on stage.

What would be your advice to a local student who has your same concerns?

My advice is, if you feel Butler is the right school with the right professors and the right majors, then make the most of the Butler experience. Butler has so many different activities, ensembles, and majors to offer that I feel anybody could have a great time, even if they grew up 10 minutes away.

Any other benefits that you could pass along?

Being able to go home for holidays and family gatherings that aren’t during a long break. Oh, and my roommate, who is also from the area, likes to be able to go home to see her dog.